Work Items

WK53937 Photoelectrochemical Oxygen Demand of Freshwater Sources for Drinking Water Treatment Plants and Treated Drinking Water

WK55371 Standard Practices for Sampling Water from Closed Conduits

WK55373 Standard Practice for Sampling Steam

WK55578 Standard Guide for Accepting, Segregating and Packaging Materials Collected Through Household Hazardous Waste Programs

WK55577 Standard Test Method for Determining Biodegradability of Materials Exposed to Municipal Solid Waste Composting Conditions by Compost Respirometry

WK46665 Total Nitrogen, and TKN by Calculation, in Water by High-Temperature Catalytic Combustion and Chemiluminescence Detection

WK55488 Standard Test Method for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in Water and Wastewater with Solvent Extraction using Mid-IR Laser Spectroscopy

WK55321 the Sampling and Characterization of Municipal Single Stream Material

WK55323 the Sampling and Characterization of Commercial Recyclable Material

WK55325 for the Sampling and Characterization of Glass Cullett from Generated from Residential Recycling programs

WK55326 the Sampling and Characterization of Heterogenous Residual Waste Generated from a Material Recovery Facility

WK55327 Recycling and Material Recovery

WK55328 Creating Product Specific Waste Hierarchy

WK55329 Operating a Successful Municipal Compost Program

WK55330 landfills based on design, operation and environmental impact

WK55181 Standard Test Methods for Determining the Organic Treat Loading of Organophilic Clay

WK55062 Standard Practice/Guide for Monitoring Cooling Water Systems to minimize Energy and Water use while preventing System Degradation.

WK51098 Standard Practice for Estimation of Chlorine Demand of Water

WK54875 Standard Practice for Handling of High Purity Water Samples

WK54820 Standard Test Method for 99Tc in Water by Solid Phase Extraction Disk

WK54821 Standard Practice for Calculation of Dose Equivalent Xenon (DEX) for Radioactive Xenon Fission Products in Reactor Coolant

WK54829 Uranium in drinking water by ICP-MS

WK54830 Standard Test Method for Fusibility of Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) Ash

WK54757 Standard Test Method (Analytical Procedure) for Determining Transmissivity of Nonleaky Confined Aquifers by Overdamped Well Response to Instantaneous Change in Head (Slug Tests)

WK54743 Standard Test Method for Carbon and Hydrogen in the Analysis Sample of Refuse-Derived Fuel

WK54641 Standard Test Method for Carbon and Hydrogen in the Analysis Sample of Refuse-Derived Fuel

WK54549 Determination of organochlorine pesticides and PCB congeners in aqueous solutions by gas chromatography triple quadrupole mass spectrometry

WK54551 determination of nitrosamines in source water and finished drinking water by gas chromatography triple quadrupole mass spectrometry

WK50811 Standard Practice for Design and Installation of Groundwater Monitoring Wells

WK54322 Standard Practice for Passive Soil Gas Sampling in the Vadose Zone for Source Identification, Spatial Variability Assessment, Monitoring, and Vapor Intrusion Evaluations

WK54281 Standard Test Method for Calculating Refuse-Derived Fuel Analysis Data from As-Determined to Different Bases

WK48141 Standard Test Method for Determining Transmissivity and Storativity of Low Permeability Rocks by In Situ Measurements Using Pressure Pulse Technique

WK54172 Standard Test Method for Thermal Characteristics of Refuse-Derived Fuel Macrosamples

WK53970 Standard Test Methods for Specific Gravity, Apparent, of Liquid Industrial Chemicals

WK53910 Standard Guide for Direct-Push Groundwater Sampling for Environmental Site Characterization

WK53590 Standard Test Method for the Continuous Measurement of Dissolved Ozone in Low Conductivity Water

WK53746 Standard Guide for Comparison of Field Methods for Determining Hydraulic Conductivity in Vadose Zone

WK45693 On-Line Monitoring of Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus in Water by Catalyzed Ozone Hydroxyl Radical Oxidation and Detection of Resulting Nitrate and Phosphate

WK53633 Standard Test Method for Barium in Brines, Seawater, and Brackish Water by Direct-Current Argon Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy

WK53626 Standard Test Method for Dissolved Hexavalent Chromium in Water by Ion Chromatography

WK53627 Standard Test Methods for Nitrite-Nitrate in Water

WK53628 Standard Practices for Digestion of Water Samples for Determination of Metals by Flame Atomic Absorption, Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption, Plasma Emission Spectroscopy, or Plasma Mass Spectrometry

WK53629 Standard Guide for Preparation of Biological Samples for Inorganic Chemical Analysis

WK53630 Standard Practice for Measuring Elements in Water by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry

WK53631 Standard Test Method for Lithium, Potassium, and Sodium Ions in Brackish Water, Seawater, and Brines by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry

WK53632 Standard Test Method for Barium in Brackish Water, Seawater, and Brines

WK53570 Standard Test Method for pH Measurement of Water of Low Conductivity

WK53571 Standard Guide for Optimization of Groundwater Monitoring Constituents for Detection Monitoring Programs for RCRA Waste Disposal Facilities

WK53572 Standard Guide for Selection and Documentation of Existing Wells for Use in Environmental Site Characterization and Monitoring

WK53562 Standard Guide for Describing the Functionality of a Groundwater Modeling Code

WK53563 Standard Guide for Application of a Groundwater Flow Model to a Site-Specific Problem

WK53564 Standard Guide for Applying Statistical Methods for Assessment and Corrective Action Environmental Monitoring Programs

WK53361 Standard Test Method for Assay of Di-tert-Butyl Peroxide Using Gas Chromatography

WK53325 Standard Test Methods for pH of Water

WK53302 Standard Test Method for Estimating the Permanganate Natural Oxidant Demand of Soil and Aquifer Solids

WK53227 Standard Test Method for On-Line Measurement of Residue After Evaporation of High-Purity Water

WK53056 Standard Test Method for Determination of Perfluorinated Compounds in Water, Sludge, Influent, Effluent and Wastewater by Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS)

WK42429 Determination of Total Cyanide in Solid Waste and Soil by Alkaline Extraction and Segmented Flow Injection, In-line Ultraviolet Digestion, Gas Diffusion Amperometric Detection

WK52967 Standard Guide for Household Hazardous Waste Training Outline for Household Hazardous Waste Collection Operations (Withdrawn 2016)

WK52968 Standard Test Method for Gross Calorific and Ash Value of Waste Materials (Withdrawn 2016)

WK52969 Standard Test Methods for Screening of Reactive Sulfides in Waste (Withdrawn 2016)

WK52794 Standard Practice for Direct Push Installation of Prepacked Screen Monitoring Wells in Unconsolidated Aquifers

WK50812 Standard Guide for Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Groundwater Monitoring Wells

WK52773 Standard Guide for Installation of Direct Push Groundwater Monitoring Wells

WK52700 Standard Practice for Preparation, Standardization, and Storage of Standard and Reagent Solutions for Chemical Analysis

WK50800 Standard Test Method for Water in Organic Liquids by Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration

WK52377 Standard Test Methods for Analysis of Sulfuric Acid

WK52315 Standard Practice for Low-Flow Purging and Sampling for Wells and Devices Used for Ground-Water Quality Investigations (Withdrawn 2011)

WK52234 Standard Test Method for Water Using Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration

WK52081 Standard Practice for Sonic Drilling for Site Characterization and the Installation of Subsurface Monitoring Devices

WK52036 Standard Test Method for Anions in Caustic Soda and Caustic Potash (Sodium Hydroxide and Potassium Hydroxide) by Ion Chromatography

WK52038 Standard Test Method for Hydroxyl Groups Using Reaction with p-Toluenesulfonyl Isocyanate (TSI) and Potentiometric Titration with Tetrabutylammonium Hydroxide

WK52039 Standard Test Method for Acidity in Acrylonitrile

WK51894 Determining anions in water, sea water, high ionic water and waste water using anion exchange chromatography followed by tandem suppressed conductivity and UV detection.

WK44300 Determination of Total Nitrogen, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen by Calculation, and Total Phosphorus in Water and Waste Water by Ion Chromatography

WK51868 Standard Guide for Defining Boundary Conditions in Groundwater Flow Modeling

WK51776 Standard Test Method for Forms of Chlorine in Refuse-Derived Fuel

WK48140 Standard Test Method for Determining Transmissivity and Storage Coefficient of Low-Permeability Rocks by In Situ Measurements Using the Constant Head Injection Test

WK51743 Standard Test Method for Determination of Radioactive Iron in Water

WK36397 Sampling of C-14 in Gaseous Effluents

WK51673 Standard Test Method for pH Measurement of Water of Low Conductivity

WK51678 Standard Practice for On-Line Determination of Cation Conductivity in High Purity Water

WK47926 Determination of (Tri-n-Butyl)-n-Tetradecylphosphonium Chloride (TTPC) in Water by Multiple Reaction Monitoring Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS)

WK51602 Standard Test Methods for Analysis of Hydrochloric Acid

WK51587 Standard Test Method for Acidity in Mono-, Di-, Tri- and Tetraethylene Glycol by Non-Aqueous Potentiometric Titration

WK51557 Standard Test Method for Sulfate Ion in Water

WK51558 Standard Test Methods for Acidity or Alkalinity of Water

WK51559 Standard Test Methods for Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen in Water

WK51555 Standard Test Method for Silica in Water

WK51556 Standard Test Methods for Total and Dissolved Carbon Dioxide in Water

WK46577 Standard Test Method for Methanol Wall Wash of Marine Vessels Handling Polyester Grade Monoethylene Glycol

WK51429 Standard Guide for Management Systems in Laboratories Engaged in Analysis of Water

WK51430 Standard Guide for Spiking into Aqueous Samples

WK51431 Standard Guide for Planning and Implementing a Water Monitoring Program

WK51427 Standard Guide for Documenting the Standard Operating Procedures Used for the Analysis of Water

WK51428 Standard Practice for Performing Detection and Quantitation Estimation and Data Assessment Utilizing DQCALC Software, based on ASTM Practices D6091 and D6512 of Committee D19 on Water

WK51426 Standard Guide for Sampling Chain-of-Custody Procedures