New Standards

D6696-16 Standard Guide for Understanding Cyanide Species

D5609-16 Standard Guide for Defining Boundary Conditions in Groundwater Flow Modeling

D1291-16 Standard Practice for Estimation of Chlorine Demand of Water

D4453-16 Standard Practice for Handling of High Purity Water Samples

D6504-11(2016)e1 Standard Practice for On-Line Determination of Cation Conductivity in High Purity Water

D8026-16 Standard Practice for Determination of Tc-99 in Water by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)

D5072-09(2016) Standard Test Method for Radon in Drinking Water

D5608-16 Standard Practices for Decontamination of Sampling and Non Sample Contacting Equipment Used at Low Level Radioactive Waste Sites

E776-16 Standard Test Method for Determination of Forms of Chlorine in Refuse-Derived Fuel

D4922-09(2016)e1 Standard Test Method for Determination of Radioactive Iron in Water

D5611-94(2016) Standard Guide for Conducting a Sensitivity Analysis for a Groundwater Flow Model Application

D6727/D6727M-16 Standard Guide for Conducting Borehole Geophysical Logging—Neutron

E2193-16 Standard Test Method for Ultraviolet Transmittance of Monoethylene Glycol (using Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry)

E2469-16 Standard Test Method for Chloride in Mono-, Di- and Tri-ethylene Glycol by Ion Chromatography

E2664-16 Standard Test Method for Methanol Wall Wash of Marine Vessels Handling Polyester Grade Monoethylene Glycol

E2679-09(2016)e1 Standard Test Method for Acidity in Mono-, Di-, Tri- and Tetraethylene Glycol byNon-Aqueous Potentiometric Titration

D3856-11(2015) Standard Guide for Management Systems in Laboratories Engaged in Analysis of Water

D5172-91(2015) Standard Guide for Documenting the Standard Operating Procedures Used for the Analysis of Water

D5411-10(2015) Standard Practice for Calculation of Average Energy Per Disintegration (¯E) for a Mixture of Radionuclides in Reactor Coolant

D5810-96(2015) Standard Guide for Spiking into Aqueous Samples 

D5851-95(2015) Standard Guide for Planning and Implementing a Water Monitoring Program

D7938-15 Standard Practice for Sampling of C-14 in Gaseous Effluents

D6726-15 Standard Guide for Conducting Borehole Geophysical Logging—Electromagnetic Induction

D5473/D5473M-15 Standard Test Method for (Analytical Procedure for) Analyzing the Effects of Partial Penetration of Control Well and Determining the Horizontal and Vertical Hydraulic Conductivity in a Nonleaky Confined Aquifer

D5716/D5716M-15 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Rate of Well Discharge by Circular Orifice Weir

D5785/D5785M-15 Standard Test Method for (Analytical Procedure) for Determining Transmissivity of Confined Nonleaky Aquifers by Underdamped Well Response to Instantaneous Change in Head (Slug Test)

D5855/D5855M-15 Standard Test Method for (Analytical Procedure) for Determining Transmissivity and Storage Coefficient of Confined Nonleaky or Leaky Aquifer by Constant Drawdown Method in Flowing Well

D6031/D6031M-96(2015) Standard Test Method for Logging In Situ Moisture Content and Density of Soil and Rock by the Nuclear Method in Horizontal, Slanted, and Vertical Access Tubes

E394-15 Standard Test Method for Iron in Trace Quantities Using the 1,10-Phenanthroline Method

E2313-15 Standard Test Method for Aldehydes in Mono-, Di-, and Triethylene Glycol (using Spectrophotometry)

D1068-15 Standard Test Methods for Iron in Water

D1292-15 Standard Test Method for Odor in Water 

D6508-15 Standard Test Method for Determination of Dissolved Inorganic Anions in Aqueous Matrices Using Capillary Ion Electrophoresis and Chromate Electrolyte

D6994-15 Standard Test Method for Determination of Metal Cyanide Complexes in Wastewater, Surface Water, Groundwater and Drinking Water Using Anion Exchange Chromatography with UV Detection

D4044/D4044M-15 Standard Test Method for (Field Procedure) for Instantaneous Change in Head (Slug) Tests for Determining Hydraulic Properties of Aquifers

D5050-08(2015) Standard Guide for Commercial Use of Lime Kiln Dusts and Portland Cement Kiln Dusts

D5359-98(2015) Standard Specification for Glass Cullet Recovered from Waste for Use in Manufacture of Glass Fiber

E702-85(2015) Standard Specification for Municipal Ferrous Scrap

E775-15 Standard Test Methods for Total Sulfur in the Analysis Sample of Refuse-Derived Fuel

E778-15 Standard Test Methods for Nitrogen in Refuse-Derived Fuel Analysis Samples

E790-15 Standard Test Method for Residual Moisture in Refuse-Derived Fuel Analysis Samples

E887-15 Standard Test Method for Silica in Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) and RDF Ash

E956-83(2015) Standard Classification for Municipal-Mixed Nonferrous Metals (MNM)

E1037-15 Standard Test Method for Measuring Particle Size Distribution of RDF-5

E1107-15 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Throughput of Resource-Recovery Unit Operations

D4517-15 Standard Test Method for Low-Level Total Silica in High-Purity Water by Flameless Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

D5088-15a Standard Practice for Decontamination of Field Equipment Used at Waste Sites

D2036-09(2015) Standard Test Methods for Cyanides in Water

D4282-15 Standard Test Method for Determination of Free Cyanide in Water and Wastewater by Microdiffusion

D4412-15 Standard Test Methods for Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in Water and Water-Formed Deposits

D7126-15 Standard Test Method for On-Line Colorimetric Measurement of Silica

D7365-09a(2015) Standard Practice for Sampling, Preservation and Mitigating Interferences in Water Samples for Analysis of Cyanide

D4012-15 Standard Test Method for Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Content of Microorganisms in Water

D5673-15 Standard Test Method for Elements in Water by Inductively Coupled Plasma—Mass Spectrometry

D5176-08(2015) Standard Test Method for Total Chemically Bound Nitrogen in Water by Pyrolysis and Chemiluminescence Detection

D2688-15 Standard Test Method for Corrosivity of Water in the Absence of Heat Transfer (Weight Loss Method)

D3559-15 Standard Test Methods for Lead in Water

D4778-15 Standard Test Method for Determination of Corrosion and Fouling Tendency of Cooling Water Under Heat Transfer Conditions

D5246-15 Standard Test Method for Isolation and Enumeration of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from Water

D7237-15a Standard Test Method for Free Cyanide and Aquatic Free Cyanide with Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) Utilizing Gas Diffusion Separation and Amperometric Detection

E70-07(2015) Standard Test Method for pH of Aqueous Solutions With the Glass Electrode

E258-07(2015) Standard Test Method for Total Nitrogen in Organic Materials by Modified Kjeldahl Method

E611-08(2015) Standard Test Methods for Low Concentrations of Diethlyene Glycol in Ethylene Glycol by Gas Chromatography

E1119-09(2015) Standard Specification for Industrial Grade Ethylene Glycol

E2036-15 Standard Test Method for Nitrogen Trichloride in Liquid Chlorine by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

E2037-15 Standard Test Method for Bromine Chloride in Liquid Chlorine by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

E2470-09(2015) Standard Specification for Polyester Grade Ethylene Glycol

E2680-09(2015) Standard Test Method for Appearance of Clear, Transparent Liquids (Visual Inspection Procedure)