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This topic relates to the sampling and analysis of water, waterborne materials, and wastes, water- formed deposits and fluvial sediments, surface-water hydraulics and hydrologic measurements. In addition, the determination of the performance of materials or products used to modify water characteristics, and the determination of the corrosivity or deposit forming properties of water.
New Standards

D5609-16 Standard Guide for Defining Boundary Conditions in Groundwater Flow Modeling

D1291-16 Standard Practice for Estimation of Chlorine Demand of Water

D4453-16 Standard Practice for Handling of High Purity Water Samples

D6504-11(2016)e1 Standard Practice for On-Line Determination of Cation Conductivity in High Purity Water

D8026-16 Standard Practice for Determination of Tc-99 in Water by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)

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Work Items

WK54322 Standard Practice for Passive Soil Gas Sampling in the Vadose Zone for Source Identification, Spatial Variability Assessment, Monitoring, and Vapor Intrusion Evaluations

WK54281 Standard Test Method for Calculating Refuse-Derived Fuel Analysis Data from As-Determined to Different Bases

WK48141 Standard Test Method for Determining Transmissivity and Storativity of Low Permeability Rocks by In Situ Measurements Using Pressure Pulse Technique

WK54172 Standard Test Method for Thermal Characteristics of Refuse-Derived Fuel Macrosamples

WK54052 Standard Test Method for Appearance of Clear, Transparent Liquids (Visual Inspection Procedure)

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STP1570 Continuous Soil Gas Measurements: Worst Case Risk Parameters

STP1568 Mechanical Properties of Frozen Soils

STP1540 Testing and Specification of Recycled Materials for Sustainable Geotechnical Construction

STP1554 Contaminated Sediments: 5th Volume, Restoration of Aquatic Environment

SOILCOMBO Manual 70 Quality Control of Soil Compaction Using ASTM Standards + ASTM Soil Compaction Standards -- A Companion CD

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