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This topic covers broad areas such as assessment, management, monitoring, and planning for protection and long-term use of water resources. Restoration and conservation of water sources and wetlands are also important topics. Lastly, the identification of threats to water sources and water quality from contaminants, erosion, or human-terrorist activities is included in this category.
New Standards

F3016/F3016M-14 Standard Test Method for Surrogate Testing of Vehicle Impact Protective Devices at Low Speeds

F1599-95(2014) Standard Guide for Collecting Performance Data on Temporary Storage Devices

D6599-00(2014) Standard Practice for Construction of Live Fascines on Slopes

D6599-00(2014)e1 Standard Practice for Construction of Live Fascines on Slopes

D5680-14 Standard Practice for Sampling Unconsolidated Solids in Drums or Similar Containers

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Work Items

WK47907 Standard Test Method for Boat Barriers

WK40575 Preparing Samples of Hydraulic Erosion Control Products for Index Property Testing

WK13074 Low Speed Barriers for Errant Vehicles

WK23670 Determination of Fiber Length Percentages in Hydraulically Applied Erosion Control Products

WK47021 Standard Classification for Bank and Mercantile Vault Construction

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STP1570 Continuous Soil Gas Measurements: Worst Case Risk Parameters

STP1568 Mechanical Properties of Frozen Soils

STP1540 Testing and Specification of Recycled Materials for Sustainable Geotechnical Construction

STP1554 Contaminated Sediments: 5th Volume, Restoration of Aquatic Environment

SOILCOMBO Manual 70 Quality Control of Soil Compaction Using ASTM Standards + ASTM Soil Compaction Standards -- A Companion CD

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