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This topic covers broad areas such as assessment, management, monitoring, and planning for protection and long-term use of water resources. Restoration and conservation of water sources and wetlands are also important topics. Lastly, the identification of threats to water sources and water quality from contaminants, erosion, or human-terrorist activities is included in this category.
New Standards

C985M-15 Standard Specification for Nonreinforced Concrete Specified Strength Culvert, Storm Drain, and Sewer Pipe (Metric)

D6449-99(2015) Standard Test Method for Flow of Fine Aggregate Concrete for Fabric Formed Concrete (Flow Cone Method)

D6685-01(2015) Standard Guide for the Selection of Test Methods for Fabrics Used for Fabric Formed Concrete (FFC)

F1090-15 Standard Classification for Bank and Mercantile Vault Construction

C14M-15 Standard Specification for Nonreinforced Concrete Sewer, Storm Drain, and Culvert Pipe (Metric)

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Work Items

WK49967 Standard Guide for Terminology and Indices to Describe Oiling Conditions on Shorelines

WK49968 Standard Guide for Describing Shoreline Response Techniques

WK49969 Standard Guide for Surveys to Document and Assess Oiling Conditions on Shorelines

WK49894 Standard Test Method for determination of Erodibility Parameters of Cohesive Soil using the mini JET Test Device

WK49844 Standard Test Method for Determining Nameplate Recovery Rate of Stationary Oil Skimmer Systems

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MNL33-2ND Chlorosilane Emergency Response Guidelines: 2nd Edition

JTE15V43N2 Innovative and Sustainable Technologies and Materials in Civil Engineering Infrastructures

SAMPCMP ASTM Standards Related to Environmental Sampling

SAMP14 ASTM Standards Related to Environmental Sampling: 5th Edition

SITEASSESS14 ASTM Standards on Environmental Site Assessment Process

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