Member Recognition

    Recognizing the efforts of ASTM’s volunteer members is an important part of the ASTM process. Recognizing committee members who have made significant contributions to the committee and in turn to ASTM serves a number of purposes. First, the recipient appreciates the recognition of their efforts from their peers. Secondly, recognition makes a person feel good about their participation on the committee and encourages them to keep participating. Lastly, ASTM awards allow members to show their organizations that their efforts and participation is appreciated and has made an impact within the industry. Often times, this garners support from the member's company for their continued participation.

    ASTM also recognizes the value of an active awards program within the committees by providing financial support annually to each committee. This support allows for a number of awards to be presented within a committee at no expense to them.

    Committee members are recognized in a number of different ways. Below is a list of situations where an award is appropriate:

    • Serving as the technical contact for a new standard or a major revision to an existing standard
    • Being an outstanding subcommittee or task group chairman
    • Serving as a main committee officer
    • Leading the effort for a symposium or workshop
    • Tenure awards within committees
    • Committee awards for dedicated service through significant contributions over time

    These are just a few examples of how committees currently recognize their members. Please look at taking an active role in member recognition. Should you have any questions, please contact your staff manager.