ASTM WK29237

    New Practice for the design calculations of close-fit liners

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    1. Scope

    To develop a design procedure for close-fit liner systems such as CIPP, fold-n-form, etc. The design technique will cover both gravity and pressure pipelines; including non-circular design procedures for gravity piping.

    The non-mandatory design procedure in the appendix of F1216 needs to be replaced with a design procedure that is based on placing a lining inside an existing pipeline. Much research has been done in this area and many other organizations in Europe and the like have produced new procedures to account for what has been learned as a result of this research. The currently existing new standards do not provide a comprehensive design procedure. ASTM is looked upon by the world community as the common go-to resource for such a standard as the standards represent a larger engineering communitys consensus.


    arch-shaped pipe, elliptical pipe, egg-shaped pipe

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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