ASTM WK26301

    New Specification for Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminum Conductors, Composite Reinforced (ACCR)

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    1. Scope

    1.1 This specification covers concentric-lay-stranded conductors made from round aluminumzirconium alloy wires and an aluminum matrix composite (AMC) core wire(s) for use as overhead electrical conductors (Explanatory Note 1 and Explanatory Note 2). 1.2 The values stated in inch-pound or SI units are to be regarded separately as the standard. The values in each system are not exact equivalents; therefore, each system shall be used independently of the other.

    Currently, no such standards exists for ACCR.


    aluminum matrix; ACCR; AMC

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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    Phu Trac


    B01 (14-01)

    Ballot Item Approved as B978-2014 and Pending Publication