ASTM Concrete Field Testing Training

    Standard Fee: $320.00

    About the Course

    ASTM standards training provides professional, comprehensive, and cost-effective training focused on construction material testing.

    Our training modules are created under the direct supervision of a licensed professional civil engineer (PE) and our staff includes voting members of ASTM and ACI. You can be confident that our products demonstrate proper testing procedures and are consistent with national certification programs.

    Training Modules Include:

    • Self-guided slide presentation covering essential content from the ASTM standard
    • Hands-on video demonstrations by experts
    • Step-by-step outlines of procedure
    • Glossary of essential terms
    • Self-guided review quiz with automatic grading

    Additional Features:

    • Quiz questions are similar in format and difficulty to those on national certification exams
    • Modules can be grouped together in any combination
    • Your content can be added to any module to create a tailored training product

    What's Included in Concrete Field Testing Training:

    This training bundle includes modules for the seven standard tests commonly associated with sampling and testing fresh concrete in the field. In addition, three educational modules are included, one on ready mixed concrete and two covering general concrete technology. Procedures for calibrating, or verifying, various pieces of testing equipment are also demonstrated.

    This bundle includes the following modules:

    Testing Modules

    • Sampling with Wet Sieving
    • Temperature
    • Slump
    • Air Content - Pressure
    • Air Content - Volumetric
    • Density
    • Molding Strength Specimens

    Educational Modules

    • Ready Mixed Concrete
    • Concrete Basics
    • Concrete Materials

    Calibration / Verification

    • Thermometer
    • Slump Cone
    • Pressure Meter
    • Aggregate Correction Factor
    • Volumetric Meter
    • Density Measure
    • Beam Mold

    Standards Covered:

    • C31 / C31M - 10 Standard Practice for Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Field
    • C138 / C138M - 10b Standard Test Method for Density (Unit Weight), Yield, and Air Content (Gravimetric) of Concrete
    • C143 / C143M - 10a Standard Test Method for Slump of Hydraulic Cement Concrete
    • C172 / C172M - 10 Standard Practice for Sampling Freshly Mixed Concrete
    • C173 / C173M - 10b Standard Test Method for Air Content of Freshly Mixed Concrete by the Volumetric Method
    • C231 / C231M - 10 Standard Test Method for Air Content of Freshly Mixed Concrete by the Pressure Method
    • C1064 / C1064M - 11 Standard Test Method for Temperature of Freshly Mixed Hydraulic Cement Concrete

    This product is consistent with the standards covered on ACI's Concrete Field Testing Technician certification exam and can be used in preparation for taking the certification exam. It is also a valuable reference document on proper testing procedures.

    This bundle is updated annually.


    1 year online subscription for Single User Only via username/password. Requires internet access.

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    Price: $320