ANS / ISO5360 - 93

    Anesthetic Vaporizes—Agent-Specific Filling Systems Approved as an American National Standard with Deviations by ASTM International

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    ANS / ISO5360

    1. Scope

    This International Standard gives the dimensions of agent-specific filling systems for agent-specific anaesthetic vaporizers.

    This International Standard does not specify construction materials. Materials used for the parts of filling systems which come into contact with liquid anaesthetic agent should be selected with regard to:

    a) toxicity;
    b) compatibility with anaesthetic agents; and
    c) minimization of health risks due ot substances leached from the materials.

    Because of the unique properties of desflurance, dimensions for this agent have not been specified in this Internatinsl Standard. Specifications for filling systems fo rthis agent will be included in this Standard in due course.

    Designs of connection systems are encouraged which only permite engagement of the agent-specific bottle adaptor to the bottle when the bottle collar is in place.

    ICS Code

    ICS Number Code 11.040.10 (Anaesthetic, respiratory and reanimation equipment)

    ANS / ISO5360

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