ANS / ISO5359 - 00E

    Low-Pressure Hose Assemblies for Use with Medical Gases Approved as an American National Standard with Deviations by ASTM International

    Active Standard ANS / ISO5359 | Developed by Subcommittee: F29.10

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    ANS / ISO5359

    1. Scope

    1.1 This International Standard specifies requirements for low-pressure hose assemblies intended for use with the following medical gases;
    —Nitrous oxide;
    —air for breathing;
    —specified mixtures of the gases listed above;
    —air for driving surgical tools;
    —nitrogen for driving surgical tools;
    —nitric oxide/nitrogen mixtures;

    It is intended in particular to ensure gas-specificity and to prevent cross-connection between systems conveying different gases.

    These hose assemblies are intended to be used at pressure less than 1 400 kPa.

    1.2 This International Standard specifies the allocation of non-interchangeable screw-threaded (NIST) connectors and diameter-index safety system (DISS) connectors to medical gases and specifies the dimentionsof non-interchangeable screw-threaded (NIST) connectors.

    1.3 This International Standard does not specify:
    —requirements for coaxial hoses used for the supply and disposal of air for driving surgical tools;
    —requirements for electrical conductivity.

    1.4 This International Standard does not specify the intended uses of hose assemblies.

    ICS Code

    ICS Number Code 11.040.10 (Anaesthetic, respiratory and reanimation equipment); 23.040.70 (Hoses and hose assemblies)

    ANS / ISO5359

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