E08 Fatigue and Fracture

    Title: Workshop on User Experiences in Variable Amplitude Fatigue and Fracture Testing

    Dates: Wednesday November 12 2014

    Location: Sheraton New Orleans; New Orleans, LA

    Event Name: November 2014 Committee Week

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    About the Event

    A Workshop on User Experiences in Variable Amplitude Fatigue and Fracture Testing will be held Wednesday, November 12, 2014. Sponsored by ASTM Committee E08 on Fatigue and Fracture, the workshop will be held at the Sheraton New Orleans in New Orleans, LA, in conjunction with the November standards development meetings of the committee.

    Recent standardization work resulting in the new ISO Standards - ISO 12110 Parts 1&2 on Variable amplitude Fatigue methods, has brought to light a need for what could perhaps be a third part of this standard focused primarily on the actual processes of conducting variable amplitude tests.

    Presentations are being sought for a one day workshop to be held during the fall 2014 E08 Fatigue and Fracture Committee week meetings in New Orleans that would focus on the testing process and considerations around conducting variable amplitude fatigue and fracture tests. Topics appropriate for this workshop would include but not be limited to:

    • Testing procedures
    • Test metrics for determining goodness of the test process
    • Applied variable amplitude sequence considerations
    • Dynamic loading verification considerations
    • Testing system operation, tuning, setup, and compensation techniques
    • Pre- and Post- test analysis considerations
    • Applicability of the new ISO 12110 standards
    • Other topics pertinent to the items noted above

    The general intent of the workshop is to generate dialogue and information that could potentially be used going forward to create guidance in the form of a standard for properly conducting variable amplitude fatigue and fracture tests.

    Those interested in presenting at the workshop are kindly requested to forward a presentation title and brief abstract to the workshop chairman, Art Braun of Chapel Wood Engineering LLC. Contact information is provided below.

    Art Braun
    Chapel Wood Engineering LLC
    1800 Chapel Wood Road
    Columbia, MO 65203
    Direct: (952)826-9947
    Email: art_braun@hotmail.com

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    Technical Chair Contact Information

    Additional information about the workshop is available from Workshop Chairman Art Braun, Chapel Wood Engineering, Columbia, MO, art_braun@hotmail.com, tel: 573-445-0952.

    Hotel Information

    The workshop will be held at the Sheraton New Orleans. Hotel registration information will be posted at the ASTM website approximately 8 weeks before the workshop.

    Standards Development Meetings

    Meeting schedules of Committee E08 are posted on the ASTM web site at www.astm.org/COMMIT/COMMITTEE/E08.htm or contact the ASTM staff manager, Jeff Adkins at jadkins@astm.org or tel: 610-832-9738.

    Future Meeting Dates

    Committee E08 invites you to attend their future standards development meetings. There is no fee to attend these meetings, and membership in ASTM International is not required. For more information, visit the web page listed immediately above, and click on "Future Meetings".

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