D22 Air Quality

    Title: Symposium on Natural Occurrences of Asbestos (NOA)

    Dates: Thursday April 30 2015 - Friday May 01 2015

    Location: Marriott Anaheim; Anaheim, CA

    Event Name: April 2015 Committee Week

    About The Event

    Technical Chair Contact Information

    About the Event

    Presentations are invited for the Symposium on Natural Occurrences of Asbestos (NOA) to be held Thursday April 30, 2015 and Friday May 1, 2015. Sponsored by ASTM Committee D22 on Air Quality, the symposium will be held at the Marriott Hotel in Anaheim, California, following the April, 2015 standards development meetings of ASTM Committee D22.

    Identified occurrences of NOA with the potential to affect workers and the general public continue to be discovered at an ever increasing rate, with many of the new occurrences being found in rock & soil that is not from expected ultra-mafic rock sources. The presence of NOA in rock and soil presents great challenges to parties involved in assessing and mitigating exposures to this hazardous material. The problems presented by NOA require specialists in multiple disciplines, including asbestos laboratory technical supervisors, toxicologists, epidemiologists, risk assessors, government regulators, industrial hygienists, environmental consultants, geologists, mineralogists and soil scientists. It is the goal of this proposed two-day conference to bring together the leading specialists from the various disciplines described above to discuss new information that has been recently discovered about NOA, and to delve deeply into the problems and complexities that NOA presents, in order to increase the knowledge and understanding of all who attend. The four sessions are:

      1. Occurrence and Geology of NOA/Field Assessment & Sampling
      2. Mineralogy of NOA/Laboratory Issues Related to Sample Preparation, Asbestos Definitions and Mineral Identification
      3. Epidemiological/Toxicological Issues of NOA
      4. Assessing Risk and the Effectiveness of Current Regulations Concerning NOA

    The Conference Chair is soliciting presentations to fill out the program. Each presentation slot is 30 minutes long but consideration will be given to some speakers to take as long as an hour for topics of particularly keen interest (e.g. Calaveras Dam, Fremont, CA, Boulder City, NV or Libby, MT.). Those interested in giving a presentation in one of the sessions listed above should submit a title and short abstract to Mark Bailey (see contact info below) by Tuesday, September 30, 2014 to be considered.

    The proposed format of the conference is to have 4 sessions over two days with each session lasting approximately half a day, and a short introduction at the beginning of the conference. The language of the symposium will be English.

    There will be no publication associated to this symposium.

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    Technical Chair Contact Information

    Additional information about the symposium is available from Symposium Conference Chair: Mark Bailey, Asbestos TEM Labs, Berkeley, CA, USA, Email: mark@asbestostemlabs.com, tel: 510-704-8930, Co-Chair: Jim Millette, MVA Scientific Consultants, Duluth, GA, USA, Email: jmillette@mvainc.com, tel: 770-662-8509.

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