2015 ASTM International Rolling Element Bearings

    Dates: Wednesday April 29 2015 - Thursday April 30 2015

    Location: Marriott Anaheim Anaheim, CA

    Sponsored by: F34 Rolling Element Bearings

    Deadline for Abstract Submittal: Wednesday December 31 2014

    About the Event

    Papers are invited for the 2015 ASTM International Rolling Element Bearings Conference to be held April 29-30, 2015. Sponsored by ASTM Committee F34 on Rolling Element Bearings, the conference will be held at the Marriott Anaheim in Anaheim, CA, in conjunction with the April standards development meetings of the Committee.

    This conference is the eighth in a series that proposes the exchange of information on bearing technology at the international level. The first four conferences were sponsored by REBG (Rolling Element Bearing Group). This conference is the fourth sponsored by ASTM international.

    The goal of this conference is to provide an international forum for the exchange of information on recent achievements in bearing technology. The conference will begin with a series of technical presentations by leading experts in their field followed by a roundtable session discussing the subject of testing methods and specifications (F34 Committee). Held in conjunction to the conference will be a 2015 Bearing Technology Exhibit, which will consist of a series of booths showing different products, representing the latest advances in bearings, manufacturing capabilities, materials, products that influence bearings, etc.

    Who Should Attend?
    Attendees who would gain from the event include various aspects of the bearings community, including, but not limited to, bearing manufacturers, bearing users, manufacturers of bearing parts, lubricant, customers, and consultants.

    Papers are Invited on the Following Presentation Topics:

    1. Recent Development in Bearing Materials
      o Coatings to reduce bearing wear and friction
      o Advanced steel alloys for bearing applications
      o Ceramic and hybrid bearings
      o Cage materials

    2. Advancements in Tribology
      o Lubrication developments for bearings
      o Lubrication testing

    3. Various Bearing Analysis Techniques
      o Modeling tools
      o Methodologies
      o Applications

    4. Developments in Bearing Testing Methods
      o Non-destructive evaluation techniques
      o DPA analysis method and results

    5. Applications
      o Lessons learned
      o Spacecraft mechanisms bearings
      o Other advanced bearing applications

    The language of the conference will be English.

    Abstract Submittal

    To participate in the conference, presenters/authors must submit online the Abstract Submittal Form and attach a 250-300 word preliminary abstract no later than December 31, 2014. Scroll to the top of the page to "Go to Abstract Submittal Form". To ensure your abstract was received into the ASTM database system, please email hsparks@astm.org stating that your abstract was submitted.

    The abstract must include a clear definition of the objective and approach of the work discussed, pointing out material that is new, and present sufficient details regarding results. The presentation and manuscript must not be of a commercial nature nor can it have been previously published. Because a limited number of abstracts will be accepted, be sure that the abstract is complete to allow for careful assessment of the paper's suitability for this conference. Conference Chairperson Michael Hilton will notify you via postal mail by January 19, 2015 of your paper's acceptability for presentation at the conference. If the preliminary abstract is accepted, the presenter/author will be notified on April 3, 2015 to submit a final camera-ready abstract for the conference. The final abstracts will be distributed in an abstract booklet at the conference.


    A minimum of 10 full manuscripts are required to produce an STP publication. If 10 presenters choose to submit a full manuscript then an STP publication will result from this conference. When submitting an abstract please make sure to notate if you wish to present and publish your research or if you just wish to present your research. If 10 authors accept to publish author instructions will then be sent to the authors with important deadline dates that need to be followed in order to have a timely release of the publication.

    Technical Chair Contact Information

    Additional information about the conference is available from Conference Co-Chairs Michael R. Hilton, The Aerospace Corp., Los Angeles, CA, Email: vivian.churchill@aero.org, Tel:310-336-0440; and William F. Mandler, Email: bill.mandler@taec.toshiba.com, Tel: 812-552-8492.