2014 Annual Fee: $475.00

    Schedule: April and November


    ASTM's Engine Coolants Proficiency Test Program provides laboratories with a statistical quality assurance (SQA) tool, enabling labs to compare, improve, and maintain performance in the use of ASTM methods against other laboratories worldwide

    As a program participant, you receive different samples (representative of the product line) for each test cycle, electronic report forms and test instructions. Your laboratory performs the tests that you normally conduct within your own facility using the specified ASTM methods cited in the program.

    For more information, contact us.


    You receive test results available only to participating laboratories that will help you:

    • Monitor strengths and weaknesses of your laboratory's performance
    • Periodically compare your test results and calculated statistical parameters with other laboratories

    Should you have an issue with your published results, please write to ptp@astm.org with your lab number and account number.


    Specific Gravity by Hydrometer

    D 1122

    Reserve Alkalinity

    D 1121

    Silicon and Other Elements

    D 6130

    Freezing Point

    D 1177

    Field Test Determination of Freezing Point

    D 3321

    Water by Karl Fischer-Method A: Manual; Method B: Automatic

    D 1123

    Corrosion Test (Copper, Solder, Brass, Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum)

    D 1384


    D 1287

    Foam Tendencies-Foam volume at 5 minutes; Break time appearance of Eye

    D 1881

    Foaming Tendencies

    D 4921

    Trace Chloride

    D 3634

    Density by Digital Density Meter

    D 5931

    Freezing Point

    D 6660

    Percent Ash Content

    D 1119

    Silicon by AAS

    D 6129

    Boiling Point

    D 1120

    Corrosion of Cast Aluminum Alloys

    D 4340

    Ion Chromatography

    D 5827

    NOTE: List of Methods Subject to Change. Participation is not contingent upon performing all program tests.


    Test samples are prepared and distributed for ASTM International by CWM Environmental in Kittanning, PA. Program registration fees include the cost of shipping test samples to U.S. participants or, for international participants, to a third party shipping agent located in the U.S.

    IMPORTANT for Intercontinental participants: You have the following options for receipt of samples:

    • Ship through a third party shipping agent - provide ASTM International with the complete contact information of a designated Shipping Agent located in the U.S. who will be responsible for shipping samples from the U.S. to your facility. Participants are responsible for making financial and shipping arrangements directly with the shipping agent.
      • Please be advised that when samples are shipped, an e-mail is sent only to the contact of record on your ASTM PTP account. It is the customer’s responsibility to advise their designated shipper that the sample has been shipped.
      • We cannot permit shipping agents to pick up samples at our distributors’ warehouses.
    • Ship directly from the sample distributor via UPS, DHL, or FEDEX - Provide ASTM International with your shipping account number to cover shipping charges. Check that your carrier will deliver the test materials to your location. Materials classified as Hazardous may have restrictions.


    Upon completion of tests, each laboratory electronically submits their test data to ASTM for use in generating statistical summary reports. Reports contain:

    • Coded laboratory test results
    • Statistical analyses of test data
    • Charts plotting test results versus laboratory code
    • Histograms plus Box & Whisker Plots


    Committee D15 on Engine Coolants, consists of over 130 members and developers of over 39 ASTM standards, provides the technical direction for the program. Test information generated through the program is utilized by Committee D15 to determine if modifications to ASTM documents or new methods are warranted. Data submitted to Committee D15 is coded to maintain lab confidentiality.