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    Meeting Of Committee D13

    Sunday June 14 2015 - Wednesday June 17 2015

    Marriott Anaheim, Anaheim, CA

    Meeting Day Start - Stop TimesRoom
    D13 Attendees are invited to an ASTM Training Session on ASTM Balloting Process and Addressing Negative Votes Tuesday 12:00PM - 01:00PMGrand Ballroom E
    D13 Textiles Main I Tuesday 04:00PM - 06:00PMPlatinum 1
    D131100 Cotton Fibers Tuesday 01:30PM - 03:00PMRoom 331, 3rd Floor
    D131300 Wool and Felt NOT MEETING
    D131600 Rope and Cordage NOT MEETING
    D131700 Flax and Linen NOT MEETING
    D131800 Glass Fiber and its Products NOT MEETING
    D131900 Industrial Fibers and Metallic Reinforcements Tuesday 09:00AM - 03:00PMRoom 347, 3rd Floor
    D132000 Inflatable Restraints Monday 09:00AM - 01:00PMGrand Ballroom D
    D132100 Pile Floor Coverings Tuesday 09:00AM - 03:00PMRoom 328, 3rd Floor
    D134000 Sustainability of Textiles Tuesday 08:30AM - 10:30AMGrand Ballroom B
    D135100 Conditioning and, Chemical and Thermal Properties Monday 02:00PM - 04:00PMNewport Beach
    D135200 Task Group for D6413 Tuesday 08:30AM - 10:30AMPlatinum 1
    D135200 Flammability Tuesday 10:30AM - 12:00PMPlatinum 1
    D135200 Task Group for Melting Behavior Test Method Tuesday 12:00PM - 12:45PMPlatinum 1
    D135400 Subassemblies and Task Group Meetings Tuesday 01:00PM - 03:30PMLa Jolla
    D135500 Task Group Meetings Monday 08:00AM - 05:00PMGrand Ballroom H
    D135500 Juniors, Young Men, Women's Plus, Alpha Sizing & Int'l Sizing Monday 01:00PM - 05:00PMPlatinum 4
    D135500 Task Group Meetings Tuesday 08:00AM - 05:00PMGrand Ballroom C
    D135500 Task Group Working Session Wednesday 08:00AM - 06:00PMRoom 347, 3rd Floor
    D135800 Yarns and Fibers Monday 10:00AM - 12:00PMNewport Beach
    D135900 with D13.60 TG/Stretch Monday 01:00PM - 02:00PMNewport Beach
    D135900 with D13.60 TG/Tearing Monday 02:00PM - 03:30PMNewport Beach
    D135900 with D13.60 TG/Pilling Monday 03:30PM - 04:30PMPlatinum 4
    D135900 Fabric Test Methods, General and Task Groups Tuesday 01:30PM - 03:30PMPlatinum 1
    D136000 Fabric Test Methods, Specific and Task Groups Tuesday 09:00AM - 12:00PMGrand Ballroom J
    D136100 Apparel Monday 01:30PM - 03:30PMGrand Ballroom D
    D136200 Labeling Monday 09:00AM - 10:00AMGrand Ballroom C
    D136300 Home Furnishings Monday 03:30PM - 04:30PMGrand Ballroom D
    D136500 UV Protective Fabrics and Clothing Monday 10:00AM - 11:00AMGrand Ballroom C
    D136600 TG on Body Measurement Exchange NOT MEETING
    D136600 TG on Pattern Data Exchange NOT MEETING
    D136600 TG on Plotter/Cutter Data Exchange, Work Session NOT MEETING
    D136600 TG on Marker Data Exchange, Work Session NOT MEETING
    D136600 TG on Plot/Cutter File Data Exchange NOT MEETING
    D136600 TG on Body Scanner Standards NOT MEETING
    D136600 TG on Marker Data Exchange NOT MEETING
    D136600 Sewn Product Automation, General NOT MEETING
    D136600 TG on Pattern Data Exchange, Work Session NOT MEETING
    D136600 Opening, Selection of New Chair International Focus NOT MEETING
    D136600 Sewn Product Automation Monday 10:00AM - 12:00PMOrange County 4
    D139000 Executive Subcommittee, D13.91 Editorial Review and Policy Sunday 03:00PM - 06:00PMGrand Ballroom B
    D139200 Terminology Tuesday 07:30AM - 08:30AMPlatinum 1
    D139400 Government Interface Tuesday 02:30PM - 03:30PMPlatinum 4
    D139800 Long Range Planning Sunday 02:00PM - 03:00PMGrand Ballroom B
    D139900 Coordination Committee for ISO & Foreign Textile Standards Monday 08:00AM - 09:00AMGrand Ballroom C