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    Engineered Wood Products Division

    2710 West 5th Avenue

    Eugene, OR 97402


    Tel: 541-484-9212

    Tel: 800-324-5024

    Fax: 541-344-2735

    Erwin Schutfort




    Product certification of Engineered Wood Products (Plywood, OSB, Particleboard, and MDF) under PS1 and PS2 for North America. Certification and grading of engineered Wood Products under the JAS system for Japan. Formaldehyde Emission testing to establish E1 (Europe), F-Star (F* to F****) evaluation, HUD and CARB emission standards for California. Hardwood Plywood: ANSI/HPVA Standards HP-1Hardwood and engineered Wood Flooring: Taber, linear expansion. Wood I–joists, Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), and Glulam Testing.Concrete, masonry, steel and soils testing lab PSI-SPrigngfield.

    Products Tested:

    • ANIMAL AND PLANT PRODUCTS > Forestry products
    • TEXTILES AND FIBROUS MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS > Lumber, wood, cordage, furniture
    • NONMETALLIC MINERALS AND PRODUCTS > Cement, asbestos products, concrete, lime, gypsum
    • CONSTRUCTIONS > Building constructions including foundations
    • CONSTRUCTIONS > Plumbing, carpentry, tile assemblies, roofing, glazing and other trade work
    • ENVIRONMENTAL, BIOLOGICAL MATERIALS > Air: indoor and outdoor atmospheres, stack emissions, noise levels
    • ENVIRONMENTAL, BIOLOGICAL MATERIALS > Soil and rock for environmental uses

    Lab Services:

    Building and Welding Inspection , Construction Materials , Environmental Impact , Environmental Simulation , Product Performance

    Testing Services:

    Chemical Testing , Chromatography , Geotechnical Testing , Mechanical Testing , Nondestructive Evaluation

    Equipment, Testing Capabilities, Applications:

    ASTM E1333 - Large Chamber, ANSI/HPVA Standards HP-1 ASTM D 143, D 198, D 905, D 1037, D 1101, D 1761, D 2395, D 2559, D 2718, D 4442, D 4688, D 4761, D 5055, E 72, E 661 and E 1333;

    Specific Tests Conducted:

    ASTM D143 , ASTM D198 , ASTM D905 , ASTM D1037 , ASTM D1101 , ASTM D1761 , ASTM D2395 , ASTM D2559 , ASTM D2718 , ASTM D4442 , ASTM D4688 , ASTM D 4761 , ASTM D5055 , ASTM E 72 , ASTM E 661 , ASTM E1333 , JAS SE12 , JAS SE10 , JIS 1460 , JIS A1901 , ASTM C29 , ASTM C39 , ASTM C70 , ASTM C78 , ASTM C88 , ASTM C117 , ASTM C128 , ASTM C131 , ASTM C136 , ASTM C139 , ASTM C173 , ASTM C231 , ASTM C702 , ASTM C780 , ASTM C1019 , ASTM C1077

    Other Lab Sites:

    AZ , CA , FL , LA , NC , OR , TX , WA

    Lab Accreditations/Evaluations:

    • IAS - International Accreditation Service (TL-280) NVLAP Lab Code 100430-0 Standards Council of Canada (SCC) MAFF - JAPAN - registered overseas certification body MLIT, JAPAN - Overseas Registered Products Evaluation Organization (ORPEO) City of Los Angeles, Department of Building Safety ((License Number 22139)


    Total Staff 25

    Total number of Staff with PhDs 2

    Total number of PE/Scientists 3

    Total number of technicians 20

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