Intertek Caleb Brett Durban Laboratory

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    311 Edwin Swales Drive, 5th Floor Transwerk Building

    Rossburgh, 4094


    South Africa

    Tel: 273-146-63344

    Fax: 273-146-65410

    Desigan M. Pillay


    Intertek Caleb Brett - Durban provides a wide range of testing, quality certification, consulting, laboratory outsourcing and asset inspection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our laboratory offers testing to ISO, IP, BS and ASTM standards, offering fast analysis and results to meet customer requirements. Our aim is to help customers achieve significant improvements in quality, delivery and responsiveness. Testing includes petrochemicals, petroleum and agri products.

    Products Tested:

    • ANIMAL AND PLANT PRODUCTS > Agricultural products (excluding food)
    • ANIMAL AND PLANT PRODUCTS > Animal and fishery products (excluding food), including leather, furs
    • NONMETALLIC MINERALS AND PRODUCTS > Petroleum refinery products, including asphaltic materials, petrochemicals, lubricants
    • NONMETALLIC MINERALS AND PRODUCTS > Petroleum crudes, natural gas
    • METALLIC MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS > Metallic ores, powders
    • METALLIC MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS > Ferrous alloys, steels
    • CHEMICALS AND CHEMICAL PRODUCTS > Chemical compounds and allied products (excluding human medicinals)
    • CHEMICALS AND CHEMICAL PRODUCTS > Soaps, detergents, water treatments
    • CHEMICALS AND CHEMICAL PRODUCTS > Fertilizers, feeds, pesticides
    • ENVIRONMENTAL, BIOLOGICAL MATERIALS > Water: ground water, wastewater, high purity, industrial effluent, saline recycled, rain, surface, process

    Lab Services:

    Product Performance , Safety

    Testing Services:

    Spectroscopy , Chromatography , Chemical Testing

    Equipment, Testing Capabilities, Applications:

    Analytical instrumentation include FTIR, GC(FID), AA, UV, IR, Karl Fischer, XRF, Octane Motors, Distillation, Potentiometric titrators.

    Specific Tests Conducted:

    ASTM D2699 , ASTM D 2700 , IP 377 , ASTM D 1319 , ASTM D 1298 , ASTM D 4052 , IP 309 , ASTM D 189 , ASTM D 445 , ASTM D86 , IP 375 , ASTM D 93 , ASTM D 3341 , IP 390 , ASTM D 3120 , IP 288 , ASTM D 97 , ASTM E 291 , ASTM D 1613 , ASTM D 1364

    Lab Accreditations/Evaluations:

    • ISO 9001-2000, SANAS 17025


    Total Staff 22

    Total number of Staff with PhDs 0

    Total number of PE/Scientists 4

    Total number of technicians 14

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