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    3220 E. 59th St.

    Long Beach, CA 90805


    Tel: 562-272-7231

    Fax: 562-529-7513

    Jay Mishra




    RADCO is an independent third-party testing, listing, certification and inspection agency that operates on a national basis from our headquarters in Southern California. RADCO is approved by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) as a Quality Assurance Agency (AA-650) and as a Testing Laboratory (TL-209); IAS is a subsidiary of the International Code Council (ICC). The IAS approval demonstrates compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020. RADCO is an administrator for the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) 'Accu-R' program for Expanded Polystyrene Insulation. RADCO is also an administrator for the HUD Use of Materials Program, UM 71A and UM 101. The firm was founded in 1967 as a service oriented company dedicated to quick response to the needs of clients and has achieved national recognition as a third party agency by stressing the continuation of dedicated service.

    Products Tested:

    • ENVIRONMENTAL, BIOLOGICAL MATERIALS > Air: indoor and outdoor atmospheres, stack emissions, noise levels
    • MARKETPLACE PRODUCTS--CONSUMER AND BUSINESS > Consumer goods, miscellaneous
    • MACHINERY > Transportation vehicles and equipment including tires
    • MACHINERY > Electrical machinery, equipment, supplies, appliances
    • CONSTRUCTIONS > Plumbing, carpentry, tile assemblies, roofing, glazing and other trade work
    • CONSTRUCTIONS > Building constructions including foundations
    • METALLIC MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS > Metallic components, cast, forged, welded, pressed
    • METALLIC MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS > Metallic products, semifabricated, extrusions, rolled sections
    • METALLIC MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS > Metallic fasteners
    • METALLIC MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS > Stainless alloys including nickel, chromium
    • METALLIC MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS > Nonferrous metals, alloys
    • METALLIC MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS > Ferrous alloys, steels
    • NONMETALLIC MINERALS AND PRODUCTS > Glass and glass products
    • NONMETALLIC MINERALS AND PRODUCTS > Ceramics, clay and clay products
    • NONMETALLIC MINERALS AND PRODUCTS > Cement, asbestos products, concrete, lime, gypsum
    • COMPOSITE MATERIALS > Composite Materials
    • ELASTOMERS AND PROTECTIVE COATINGS > Adhesives (organic resins), glues
    • ELASTOMERS AND PROTECTIVE COATINGS > Plastics, rubbers, resins
    • TEXTILES AND FIBROUS MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS > Paper, packaging and related products
    • TEXTILES AND FIBROUS MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS > Lumber, wood, cordage, furniture
    • TEXTILES AND FIBROUS MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS > Textile products, finished products and apparel

    Lab Services:

    Forensic , Environmental Simulation , Product Performance , Construction Materials , Building and Welding Inspection , Construction Materials , Safety , Product Performance

    Testing Services:

    Mechanical Testing , Nondestructive Evaluation , Thermal Analysis , Thermal/Fire Testing , Nondestructive Evaluation , Mechanical Testing , Thermal Analysis

    Equipment, Testing Capabilities, Applications:

    The RADCO test lab equipment includes Universal Testing Machines (UTM's) commonly called an Instron, Xenon Arc accelerated weathering machine, Salt Spray chamber, UV Aging Chambers, Freezers, Ovens, Environmental Chambers, Controlled environmental room, Wind load chambers, Axial Loading fixtures, Racking Shear fixtures, variety of load cells and temperature, load and other physical property measuring instruments.

    Specific Tests Conducted:

    AWPA E1 , D2842 , ASTM E2486 , ASTM E2485 , ASTM E2134 , AC235 , AC212 , AC180 , AC92 , AC90 , AC51 , AC48 , AC39 , AATCC 127 , ASTM D3345 , ASTM B117 , ASTM C67 , ASTM C109 , ASTM C190 , ASTM C203 , ASTM C272 , ASTM C273 , ASTM C297 , ASTM C303 , ASTM C348 , ASTM C365 , ASTM C473 , ASTM C393 , ASTM C481 , ASTM C518 , ASTM C578 , ASTM C1386 , ASTM D146 , ASTM D256 , ASTM D3679 , ASTM D412 , ASTM D570 , ASTM D618 , ASTM D624 , ASTM D635 , ASTM D638 , ASTM D648 , ASTM D751 , ASTM D779 , ASTM D781 , ASTM D790 , ASTM D792 , ASTM D828 , ASTM D882 , ASTM D1037 , ASTM D1042 , ASTM D1621 , ASTM D1622 , ASTM D1623 , ASTM D1682 , ASTM D1761 , ASTM D1970 , ASTM D2126 , ASTM D2247 , ASTM D2523 , ASTM D4226 , ASTM D4869 , ASTM D5034 , ASTM D5206 , ASTM D6117 , ASTM D6817 , ASTM E8 , ASTM E72 , ASTM E96 , ASTM E283 , ASTM E330 , ASTM E331 , ASTM E488 , ASTM E661 , ASTM E695 , ASTM E1190 , ASTM E2273 , ASTM E2098 , CCMC 07102 , ASTM G26 , ASTM G154 , ASTM G155 , AAMA 1402 , FMVSS 217 , ASTM C97 , ASTM D2863 , ASTM D5420 , ASTM D117 , ASTM C209 , AC01 , AC04 , AC07 , AC10 , AC12 , AC37 , AC38 , ASTM E2568 , AAMA 711 , AC11 , AC219

    Lab Accreditations/Evaluations:

    • IAS recognition as a testing lab (TL-209) and as a quality control agency (AA-650), RADCO is approved as a testing laboratory by the City of Los Angeles, Dade County, FL, Florida Department of Community Affairs, and many other jurisdictions.


    Total Staff 40

    Total number of Staff with PhDs 0

    Total number of PE/Scientists 6

    Total number of technicians 6

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