Runningland Metrology & Testing (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

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    Suite 101, Building C, 128 Xiangyin Road

    Shanghai, 200433


    Tel: 862-165-301818

    Tel: 400-820-5768

    Fax: 862-165-300011

    David Fang


    Runningland Metrology & Testing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is a certified and internationally accredited independent third party laboratory specializing in Oil Analysis, Instruments Metering, Calibration, Petroleum Oil Testing, and Condition Monitoring. The company operates two laboratories in Shanghai China. Currently the company has well over 20 personnel, staff, and specialists, holding both senior and intermediate level certifications and trained to latest industry standards.

    Products Tested:

    • NONMETALLIC MINERALS AND PRODUCTS > Petroleum refinery products, including asphaltic materials, petrochemicals, lubricants
    • MACHINERY > Machinery, miscellaneous, implements, engines, turbines

    Testing Services:

    Metrology , Chemical Testing

    Equipment, Testing Capabilities, Applications:

    Cannon Automatic Viscometer, CCS Low Temperature Dynamic Viscometer, Sediment Analyzer, Micro Water Analyzer (KF Method), ICP, MRV (Mini-Rotary Viscometer), High Temperature High Shear Viscosity, Automatic Flash Point Tester, TBN/TAN (Titration Method), FTIR, RULER, MPC, Oxidation Stability (RPVOT), Ironspectrometer, On-Site Detection Equipment, Pour Point Tester, Foaming Characteristics, Water Separability, Cone Penetration, Leakage Tendencies, Copper Corrosion, JF-1A-HH Handheld Conductivity Meter, Hydro-Light JF-WA1, FALEX 400 Thermal Oxidation for Aviation Turbine Fuels

    Specific Tests Conducted:

    ASTM D445 , ASTM D95 , ASTM D6304 , ASTM D92 , ASTM D93 , ASTM D3828 , ASTM D2896 , ASTM D4739 , ASTM D664 , ASTM D974 , ASTM D5185 , ASTM D6481 , ASTM D4294 , ASTM D97 , ASTM D4530 , ASTM D130 , ASTM D1298 , ASTM D4052 , ASTM D482 , ASTM D874 , ASTM D893 , ASTM D892 , ASTM E2412 , ASTM E1252 , ASTM D1500 , ASTM D2783 , ASTM D4172 , ASTM D2272 , ASTM D5293 , ASTM D5481 , ASTM D3829 , ASTM D4684 , ASTM D4951 , ASTM D6971 , ASTM D611 , ASTM D5800 , ASTM D2983 , ASTM D140 , NAS1638 , SAE 4059 , ISO 4406 , ISO 440 , ASTM D217 , ASTM D1403 , ASTM D2265 , IP 396 , ASTM D6184 , ASTM D1831 , ASTM D4048 , ASTM D942 , ASTM D86 , ASTM D976 , ASTM D4737 , ASTM D6371 , ASTM D1881 , ASTM D1287 , ASTM D1384 , ASTM D1120 , ASTM D1177 , ASTM D1121 , ASTM D943

    Lab Accreditations/Evaluations:

    • ISO/IEC 17025 "General Requirements for Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories" CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment), Cert# L5287, CMA(China Metrology Accreditation) for competence of instrument calibration and oil testing Certificate for Metrology Testing, ASTM Inter-laboratory Proficiency Cross-Check Program, CNAS Proficiency Cross-Check program, ICML Certifications


    Total Staff 17

    Total number of Staff with PhDs 1

    Total number of PE/Scientists 2

    Total number of technicians 10

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