Intertek Automotive Research

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    5404 Bandera Road

    San Antonio, TX 78238-1993


    Tel: 210-684-2310

    Fax: 210-523-4607

    Dean Schoppe


    Over 50 engine dynamometer stands available for engine durability, engine component testing, lubricants testing, and fuels testing. Capability to perform over 200 ASTM petroleum analytical methods. Fleet testing, vehicle based fuels testing, fuel system component testing and management of commercial fleets is available. Evaporative emission, permeation, and materials testing of automotive fuel system components and fuel fill systems.

    Products Tested:

    • NONMETALLIC MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS > Petroleum crudes, natural gas
    • NONMETALLIC MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS > Petroleum refinery products, including asphaltic materials, petrochemicals, lubricants

    Lab Services:

    Product Performance

    Testing Services:

    Chemical Testing , Chromatography , Mechanical Testing , Metrology , Spectroscopy , Surface Analysis/Microscopy

    Equipment, Testing Capabilities, Applications:

    engine dynamometer testing, vehicle testing, materials testing, sealed housing for evaporative emissions (SHED) testing, analytical testing, fuels and lubricants testing, engine durability testing

    Specific Tests Conducted:

    ASTM D1319 , ASTM D1298 , ASTM D892 , ASTM D664 , ASTM D445 , ASTM D130 , ASTM D97 , ASTM D93 , ASTM D92 , ASTM D86 , ASTM D2007 , ASTM D2622 , ASTM D4052 , ASTM D4294 , ASTM D4683 , ASTM D4684 , ASTM D4951 , ASTM D5185 , ASTM D5291 , ASTM D5762

    Lab Accreditations/Evaluations:

    • ISO 9001-2000, Ford Q1, ISO 17025

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