ICS Laboratories, Inc.

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    1072 Industrial Pkwy, N.

    Brunswick, OH 44212


    Tel: 330-220-0515

    Fax: 330-220-0516

    Dale B. Pfriem




    Four laboratory divisions (Optical, Environmental, Analytical Chemistry and Mechanical) providing specialized Testing & Conformity Assessment specific to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment; Eye & Face Protection, Head Protection, Respiratory Protection, Chemical Protective Clothing and Gloves, Body Pads and Athletic Equipment).

    Products Tested:

    • NONMETALLIC MINERALS AND PRODUCTS > Glass and glass products
    • ELASTOMERS AND PROTECTIVE COATINGS > Paints, varnishes, lacquers, printing inks and related products
    • ELASTOMERS AND PROTECTIVE COATINGS > Plastics, rubbers, resins
    • TEXTILES AND FIBROUS MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS > Textile products, finished products and apparel
    • MARKETPLACE PRODUCTS--CONSUMER AND BUSINESS > Sports equipment, toys, musical instruments

    Lab Services:

    Product Performance , Environmental Simulation , Safety

    Testing Services:

    Thermal Fire Testing , Spectroscopy , Optics/Photometry , Mechanical Testing , Chromatography , Chemical Testing , Acoustic/Vibration

    Equipment, Testing Capabilities, Applications:

    UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometry of Filter Lenses, Sunglasses, Sun Protective Clothing, Roof Tiles, etc., Gas Chromatography for Chemical Permeation Testing of Protective Clothing, Gloves and Respiratory Filter Cartridges, Optical Benches for Testing of Lenses, Large Projectile Air Cannon for projecting Bricks and Rocks, Mechanical Impact, Helmet Impact Equipment as needed for testing football, baseball, bicycle, ski, hockey, lacrosse, Industrial and Fire Helmets.

    Specific Tests Conducted:

    EN 388 , EN 374 , ASTM G159 , ASTM E903 , ASTM F1383 , ASTM F1001 , ASTM E1164 , ASTM F803 , ASTM F903 , ASTM F1776 , ASTM D1003 , ASTM D1044 , ASTM F739 , ANSI Z87.1 , ANSI Z89.1 , MIL-STD-675 , MIL-PRF-31013 , EN 420 , NFPA , ASTM F1407 , ASTM F1045 , ASTM F1447 , ASTM F2032 , ASTM F1952 , ASTM F1163 , ASTM F2040 , CPSC 16 CFR 1203 , CPSC16CFR1203 , NOCSAE ND001 , NOCSAE ND002 , NOCSAE ND022 , NOCSAE ND024 , NOCSAE ND030 , NOCSAE ND041 , NOCSAE ND044 , NOCSAE ND045 , NOCSAE ND072 , ASTM F659 , EN 379

    Lab Accreditations/Evaluations:

    • A2LA, AOA, SAI Global, SEI


    Total Staff 20

    Total number of Staff with PhDs 0

    Total number of PE/Scientists 5

    Total number of technicians 10

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