Worldwide Standards Development Online

    ASTM International eliminates the barriers of time, distance and cost that may prevent stakeholders from participating in the development of standards. ASTM’s online program allows acces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to users around the globe. All you need is Web access and an e-mail address.

    Online Balloting

    As an ASTM member, you may view draft standards documents or proposed revisions through your Web browser and cast your vote online. You also have the capability of inserting rationales, comments, and alternative wording in support of negative votes. Ballot results are summarized online after the ballot closes (see "Managing the ASTM Balloting Process").

    Virtual Meetings

    As an ASTM member or interested stakeholder, you can use ASTM Virtual Meetings to circulate draft standards and elicit feedback from other participants.

    Work Items

    Each Work Item has its own Web page containing pertinent information, including a scope and contact information for the ASTM staff manager. Contact the ASTM staff manager to start participating. See the current list of work items.

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    Standards Tracker

    Use our free e-mail tracking system to learn about proposed new or revised standards. The alerts contain hyperlinks to new work items created in the previous seven days by ASTM committees. You may target the alerts to your area of interest. Sign up here.

    Collaboration Areas

    ASTM provides a tool to assist in pre-ballot draft document development.