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    What Is ASTM International?
    The most commonly asked questions about ASTM International.
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    The Technical Foundations of Capacity Building
    This overview shows how ASTM International helps emerging economies improve national standards. More (PDF)

    Choosing Standards Based on Merit; Liberalizing Regulation, Trade and Development
    Get a deeper understanding of the U.S.-based standardization system and its ability to produce standards that facilitate trade and are relevant to market needs and conditions.
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    Technical Committee Lists
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    Standards without Borders
    This 12-page brochure outlines particular global characteristics of ASTM International.
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    Handbook of Standardization
    This compact overview explains how standards are developed and used in the United States and around the globe.
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    At a Glance
    ASTM International: At a Glance
    This 16-page brochure provides a comprehensive orientation to the activities and scope of ASTM International. The ASTM process of standardization, the resulting international standards, and the advanced mechanisms in place to develop and distribute these consensus documents is covered in an informative and appealing brochure.

    Student membership in ASTM International is an opportunity that full-time university students should not miss out on. From this concise brochure, learn about the benefits of ASTM student membership, familiarize yourself with the Campus Web site, and see how easy it is to join. Become a student member of ASTM International today.
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    Chinese-language Edition of Standardization News
    This annual edition of the ASTM magazine is offered in Chinese through a joint venture between the China Association for Standardization and ASTM International.

    Standardization News en Español
    Online version of the ASTM magazine translated into Spanish.

    ASTM's Sustainability Overview in Chinese
    ASTM's Sustainability Overview in Chinese (PDF)

    Standards Tracker and RSS article in Chinese
    Standards Tracker and RSS article in Chinese (PDF)

    Global Cooperation History and Trends
    Learn about the history, objectives and activities of Global Cooperation (PDF)

    Standardization News articles

    PerSpective Global Textile Trade and One Developing Country
    by Shahzad Afzal, Muhammad Yasin Akhtar, Khurram Mateen and Farina Shahzad
    July/August 2009
    Global Partnerships - Stories from the ASTM Memorandum of Understanding Program
    by Richard Wilhelm
    July/August 2008
    ASTM International in Beijing—Board of Directors Holds Historic Meeting in Chinese Capital
    by Barbara Schindler
    December 2006
    Standards Strategies Around the World Discussed at Toronto Workshop
    by Barbara Schindler
    December 2005
    Open House, Open Minds
    by Richard Wilhelm
    October 2005
    ASTM Standards Around the World: The Use of ASTM Standards in Uruguay
    by Pablo Benia
    October 2005
    Textile Standards Pave the Way for Imports into the United States
    by Richard Wilhelm
    September 2005
    ASTM Standards Around the World: The Use of ASTM Standards in Peru
    by Augusto Mello
    September 2005
    ASTM Standards Around the World: The Use of ASTM Standards in South Africa
    by Christopher M. Meyer
    August 2005
    ASTM International’s Global Focus: What You Need to Know
    by Katharine Morgan
    August 2005
    Standards: The New Focus in China’s Exchange with the World
    by Zhang Li Hong
    August 2005
    Nanotechnology Standardization in Japan
    by Hideo Shindo
    July 2005
    New ASTM International Committee F40 on Declarable Substances
    by Tim McGrady
    June 2005
    How to Make Your ASTM Standard the Standard the World Uses
    by Helen Delaney
    April 2005
    Creating a Standards Curriculum in the Republic of Korea
    Interview with Chang Wook Kang
    March 2005
    Efforts for Improving the Integration of Construction Industry Standards in Latin America
    by Manuel Antonio Lascarro
    February 2005
    New ISO Policy Provides International Solutions
    by Steven P. Cornish
    January 2005
    Making the Confidence Connection: Conformity Assessment System Design
    by Gordon Gillerman
    December 2004
    The ILAC Arrangement: Support for International Trade
    by Roxanne Robinson with contributions from Ian Roy
    December 2004
    Complying with EU Packaging Regulations — Using ASTM International Standards
    by Patrick J. Nolan
    December 2004
    The CNIS Mission: China’s National Standardization Strategies and Cooperation Between CNIS and ASTM
    by Zheng Weihua
    July 2004
    SIS: Accelerating Chinese Economic Development While Embracing the Global Market
    by Shu Wen Hua
    July 2004
    Varying Views on Standardization and the Global Marketplace Voiced at Berlin Workshop
    by Barbara Schindler
    July 2004
    Standardization Policy in Korea
    by Chang Hyeng Park
    May 2004
    Using International Standards: A Wake-Up Call to Regulators?
    by Raymond Schonfeld and John Dobinson
    January 2004
    Twelve New Standards for the Construction Industry in Trinidad and Tobago
    by Rodney Harnarine
    January 2004
    Open House, Open Exchange: Asia Pacific Standards Leaders Gather at ASTM Headquarters
    by Maryann Gorman
    December 2003
    Interview: Torsten Bahke, Director, Deutsches Institut für Normung
    by Maryann Gorman
    September 2003
    A New World Standard for Amusement Rides
    by T. Harold Hudson
    August 2003
    Work Item Registration: New Internet-Based Tracking System Allows Worldwide Access to ASTM Work Items in Progress
    by Scott Orthey
    May 2003
    The Use of ASTM Standards by Chinese Industry
    by Li Wei
    May 2003
    The Truth about Normative Referencing
    by Todd Sandler
    April 2003
    A New Fire Resistance Laboratory in Chile: Flexible Lab Enables Testing to Various International Standards
    by Ryan Lambert
    February 2003
    Adoption and Utilization of ASTM Standards at Baoshan Steel by Li Yuguang
    January 2003
    Issues in the International Standardization of Steel
    by Satoji Maehara
    January 2003

    Columns by ASTM President James A. Thomas: Plain Talk