Metals Test Methods and Analytical Procedures

    High Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Precipitation Hardened Stainless Steel Alloys in Multiphase Environments

    Microstructure-Scale In-Situ Image Correlation-Based Study of Grain Deformation and Crack Tip Displacements in Al–Cu Alloys

    Characterization of Threshold Stress Intensity as a Function of Near-Tip Residual Stress: Theory, Experiment, and Applications

    Fatigue Crack Growth in Blade Attachment of Turbine Disks: Experimental Tests and Life Prediction

    Load Interaction Effects in a Medium Strength Steel for Railway Axles

    Hold-Time Effect on Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Life and its Implications in Durability Analysis of Components and Systems

    Fatigue Crack Growth from Compression Pre-Cracks

    Revised η-Factors and J-CTOD Relationships for SE(B) Fracture Specimens Including 3D Effects and Implications for Fracture Toughness Measurements

    Test Development and Materials Characterization Capability for High-Strength Aluminum Alloy Fatigue Crack Growth Response Under Mixed-Mode Loading Conditions

    Multiaxial and Thermomechanical Fatigue of Materials: A Historical Perspective and Some Future Challenges

    Elastic-Plastic Finite Element Analyses of 3D Constraint Effects in Single Edge Cracked Plate Specimens

    Microstructurally Mediated Changes in Fracture Characteristics for Electrochemically Hydrogenated 4340 Steel

    Analysis of Cracked and Notched Round Bars Under Rotary Bending

    Understanding Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior at Low Frequencies for a Mn–Ni–Cr Steel in 3.5 % NaCl Solution Under Controlled Cathodic Potential

    Fatigue Monitoring of Austenitic Steels with Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMATs)

    Extension of Fatigue Cracks in a Low-Alloy Steel After Massive Plastic Deformation

    Fracture Toughness Characterization of High-Pressure Pipe Girth Welds Using Single-Edge Notched Tension [SE(T)] Specimens

    The Influence of Quenching and Aging on Fracture Toughness of the Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloy 7449

    A Multi-Body Numerical Modeling Approach to Investigate the Role of Inclusions in the Fracture Toughness of Bearing Steels

    Novel Technique for Normalizing Load–Displacement Curves in Fracture Testing

    Fracture Toughness Measurements From Circumferentially-Notched Pipes Tests

    Steels for Plastic Molding: Relationship between Mechanical and Microstructural Properties

    Effect of Neutron Irradiation on Brittle Fracture Initiation in VVER-1000 Reactor Pressure Vessel Materials

    Discrete Lattice Model of Quasi-Brittle Fracture in Porous Graphite

    Evaluating the Cleavage Energy of Brittle Single Crystals