General Products, Chemical Specialties, and End Use Products

    Preparation and Performance Test of Soldered Stators of Ultrasonic Motor

    Strength and Fracture Characterization of a Novel Polyurethane Adhesive for the Automotive Industry

    Flexural Strength Tests of Brittle Materials: Selecting the Number of Specimens and Determining Confidence Limits for Weibull Parameters

    2-DWT and AES: Secure Authentication Management for Polar Iris Templates Using Visual Cryptography

    Acoustic Instrumentation Setup for Armament Performance Evaluation Applications

    Characterization of Non-Crimp Fabric Laminates: Loss of Accuracy Due to Strain Measuring Techniques

    Percolation Effect on the Piezoresistivity of Carbon Nanotube/Cement Composite as a Stress Self-Sensing Material

    Experimental Comparison of Vehicle Vibration Simulation Techniques

    Analysis of Masked Data in a Series System Subjected to Sources of Shocks Under Type I Progressive Hybrid Censoring

    Terbium-Doped SrCoO3 as a New Cathode Material for IT–SOFC

    Degradation Behavior of BaTiO3 Dielectrics for MLCCs by an Accelerated Life Test With Voltage and Temperature Stress Factors

    Expanded Polystyrene Geofoam Based Cellular Reinforcement

    Thermal Conductivity and Viscosity of Vegetable Oil–Based Cu, Zn, and Cu–Zn Hybrid Nanofluids

    Effect of Low Temperature on Tensile Strength and Mode I Fracture Energy of a Room Temperature Vulcanizing Silicone Adhesive

    Exploring Relationships in Surface-Hardness Data Collected With Different Instruments

    On Designing Time-Censored Step-Stress Life Test for Lomax Distribution

    Joint Selective Encryption of CAVLC and Signs of Motion Vectors for H.264/AVC

    Effect of Concrete Strength Class on Performance of CFRP-Confined Concrete under Compression

    Experimental Research of Crack Propagation in Polymethyl Methacrylate Material Containing Flaws Under Explosive Stress Waves

    An Improved Short-Beam Method for Measuring Multiple Constitutive Properties for Composites

    Evaluation of Clustering Parameters in WSN Fields Using Distributed Zone-Based Approach

    Standardization of the End-Notched Flexure Test for Mode II Interlaminar Fracture Toughness Determination of Unidirectional Laminated Composites

    Evaluation of Sports Center Performance Using a Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Model

    Maximum Entropy Analysis to the N Policy M/G/1 Queue with Working Breakdowns

    Bayesian Estimation of Pareto Distribution Under Failure-Censored Step-Stress Life Test Model