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    Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Resin/PMMA/SiO2 Dental Composites

    Performance of Certified Climbing Helmets During Simulated Climbing Falls

    Impact of Using a Novel Emotional Intelligent Controller for Induction Motor Speed Control

    Interlaminar Shear and Electrical Resistance Responses of Woven-Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced-Polymer Composite Laminates at Cryogenic Temperatures From Cyclic Short Beam Shear Tests

    An Edge-Heating Device for Optical Measurement of Thermochromic Glazing Materials and Recommended Test Procedure

    Equipment Fragility Due to Shock Response

    Evaluating the Operational Efficiency of the Banking Sector in Taiwan: A Two-Stage Data Envelopment Analysis Approach

    Design and Development of a Test Fixture and Method for Investigation of Impact During Pre-Stressed Compression

    Evaluating Smart Living Technology Strategies Using the Analytic Network Process

    Evaluating Convention Destination Images in Australia and Asia

    Application of the Stress-Energy Method for Generating Corrugated Board Cushion Curves

    Statistical Analysis of the Stress-Energy Methodology Applied to Cushion Curve Determination

    A New Device for Simulating Athlete-to-Surface Interactions on Natural and Synthetic Turf

    Compressive Behavior of Square-Cell Titanium Honeycomb

    Improved Digital Image Correlation Method for Eliminating Pixel Shape-Induced Errors in Shear-Strain Calculations

    Study on Glass Defect Inspection Based on Projecting Grating Method

    Measuring Mechanical Properties of the 3D Carbon/Carbon Composite Using Automated Grid Method

    Evaluation of Ice-Melting Capacities of Deicing Chemicals

    Development of Standard Laboratory Testing Procedures to Evaluate the Performance of Deicers

    A Study of Process Quality Assessment for Golf Club-Shaft in Leisure Sport Industries

    Solvothermal Synthesis of High Yield CdS Nanowires in Ethylenediamine

    Evaluation of the Long-Distance Conducted Electrical Weapon XREP®

    Experimental Testing and Numerical Evaluation on Freezing for Water Hydraulics Application under Sub-Freezing Ambient Temperature Environment

    Experimental Procedure for the Mechanical Evaluation of Oxide-Carbon Refractories by Strain Measurement

    Evaluation of Predicted Deceleration Values From the Stress-Energy Method Compared to Actual Deceleration Values From the ASTM D1596 Test Method