General Methods and Instrumentation

    Real Time Implementation of 3-Phase 4-Wire Shunt Hybrid Active Power Filter Based on PI Controller

    Determination of the Reliability of Guidewires' Visibility Measurement

    Testing and Ranking Multiple Wafer-Manufacturing Processes With Fuzzy-Quality Data

    Selection of Sampling Inspection Plans for Life Tests Based on Lognormal Distribution

    A New Family of Quadratic Hazard Rate-Geometric Distributions With Reliability Applications

    Cost Optimization of a Single-Server Queue With Working Breakdowns Under the N Policy

    A Novel General Approach for Solving a Supplier Selection Problem

    Evaluating the Control Variable of Economic Growth by Using Extenics Theoretical Analysis

    Evaluating the Perceived Relational Benefits of Travel Agents on Managing Relationships With National Tourism Organization Abroad Offices: An Empirical Study

    Development of an Optimal Design for Conforming Run Length Sampling Methods in the Presence of Inspection Errors

    Variable Limits and Control Charts Based on the Half Normal Distribution

    Applying Fuzzy Similarities Between Evaluation Alternatives and Extreme Solutions for Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision-Making

    Performance Evaluation of International Container Ports in Taiwan and Neighborhood Area by Weakness and Strength Indices of FMCDM

    Efficient and Robust Estimation of GARCH Models

    Applying FQFD and Utility Representative Functions Under Fuzzy Environment for FMCDM

    A New Family of Generalized Quadratic Hazard Rate Distribution With Applications

    New Algorithm of Similarity Measures for Pattern-Recognition Problems

    System Reliability of a Machine Repair System With a Multiple-Vacation and Unreliable Server

    X-Bar Control Charts for Non-Normal Correlated Data Under Repetitive Sampling

    Optimization Analysis of the G/G/R Machine Repair Problem With Balking and Reneging

    Optimal Release Policies of Delayed Discrete Reliability Growth Model With Imperfect Debugging

    A New Service Performance Index Based on Time Interval of Complaints

    Random Policy for an Unreliable Server System With Delaying Repair and Setup Time Under Bernoulli Vacation Schedule

    A Novel Approach for Evaluating TFT–LCD Manufacturer Operational Performance

    Constructing and Testing Data Models for LHC Electrical Quality Assurance