General Methods and Instrumentation

    Applying FQFD and Utility Representative Functions Under Fuzzy Environment for FMCDM

    New Algorithm of Similarity Measures for Pattern-Recognition Problems

    System Reliability of a Machine Repair System With a Multiple-Vacation and Unreliable Server

    X-Bar Control Charts for Non-Normal Correlated Data Under Repetitive Sampling

    Optimization Analysis of the G/G/R Machine Repair Problem With Balking and Reneging

    A New Service Performance Index Based on Time Interval of Complaints

    Random Policy for an Unreliable Server System With Delaying Repair and Setup Time Under Bernoulli Vacation Schedule

    A Novel Approach for Evaluating TFT–LCD Manufacturer Operational Performance

    Evaluating the Lagged Effects of Direct Employee Equity Incentives on Organizational Innovation

    Testing a Framework for Evaluating Critical Success Factors of Projects

    Evaluating and Selecting the Best Outsourcing Service Country in East and Southeast Asia: An AHP Approach

    An Importance-Performance Analysis of Human Factors for Patient Safety Management Strategy

    Assessing True TFT-LCD Process Quality in the Presence of Unavoidable Measurement Errors

    Hybrid Model for Evaluating Services in New Service Development

    A New Mixed Variable Lot Size Sampling Plan Based on Process Capability Index

    An Economic Design of a Group Sampling Plan for a Weibull Distribution Using a Bayesian Approach

    Optimal Control of the Machine Repair Problem with Removable Repairman Subject to Working Breakdowns

    A Perceptual Measure of Blocking Artifact for No-reference Video Quality Evaluation of H.264 Codec

    Effect of Silver Flakes and Particle Shape on the Steady Shear Viscosity of Isotropic Conductive Adhesives

    Economic Design of SkSP-R Skip-Lot Sampling Plan

    Capability Measure for VoIP Performance

    Estimating Process Capability Index Cp with Various Sample Types: A Practical Implementation

    Convenient Ratio Approach for Industrial Implementation in Estimating and Testing Process Yield

    Engine Cylinder Head Temperature Measurement Based on Optical Fiber Probe

    An Extended Algorithm of Similarity Measures and Its Application to Radar Target Recognition Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets