General Methods and Instrumentation

    Improving Fruit Set, Yield and Fruit Quality of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera, L. cv. Mnifi) Through Bunch Spray With Boron and Zinc

    Comparison of Isothermal Predictions Based on Model-Free and Model-Based Kinetic Methods

    The Accuracy, Repeatability, and Reproducibility of Activation Energy Values Measured by Modulated Thermogravimetry

    Parameter Dependency of Activation Energy in Modulated Thermogravimetry

    An Effective Procedure for Supplier Selection Applied to Glass Substrate Processes with Multiple Lines

    Rheological Characteristics of a New Kind of Friction-Promoting Grease

    Approximately Unbiased Estimator for Non-Normal Process Capability Index CNpk

    Optimal Linear Regression Estimator in the Fitting of Weibull Strength Distribution

    Testing a Model for Evaluating Influence of PM Practices on ETO Manufacturing Performance

    Optimization of Machine Repair System with Controlling Arrival and Switching Failure

    Selection of Combined Continuous Lot-by-Lot Sampling Plans with Single Sampling Plan by Attributes as the Reference Plan

    Monitoring of Process Parameters Under Measurement Errors

    A Novel Biometric System Based Hand Vein Recognition

    Defect Prediction for New Products During the Development Phase

    Monitoring the Aging of Industrial Motors by Geometric Trending of Frequency Domain Signatures

    Box-Cox Transformation Approach for Evaluating Non-Normal Processes Capability Based on the Cpk Index

    Antiferroelectric-Like and Large Pyroelectric Behaviors of an Organic Compound: (S)-(+)-4-{[(1-Methylheptyl)Oxy]Carbonyl}Phenyl-4-(Hexyloxy)Benzoate

    The Effects of Ownership Structure and Board Characteristics: Evidence From Chinese SOEs

    Vibration Testing by Non-Gaussian Random Excitations with Specified Kurtosis. Part II: Numerical and Experimental Results

    Vibration Testing by Non-Gaussian Random Excitations with Specified Kurtosis. Part I: Discussion and Methods

    Applying Importance–Performance Analysis With Simple Regression Model and Priority Indices to Assess Hotels' Service Performance

    Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Estimations under Failure-Censored Partially Accelerated Life Tests

    Ricocheted Rifle and Shotgun Projectiles: A Ballistic Evaluation

    Sputtering Process Assessment of ITO Film for Multiple Quality Characteristics With One-Sided and Two-Sided Specifications

    Effect of Peel Side on Optimum Condition for Measuring Flexible Film Peel Strength in T-Peel Adhesion Test