General Methods and Instrumentation

    The Effects of Ownership Structure and Board Characteristics: Evidence From Chinese SOEs

    Vibration Testing by Non-Gaussian Random Excitations with Specified Kurtosis. Part II: Numerical and Experimental Results

    Vibration Testing by Non-Gaussian Random Excitations with Specified Kurtosis. Part I: Discussion and Methods

    Applying Importance–Performance Analysis With Simple Regression Model and Priority Indices to Assess Hotels' Service Performance

    Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Estimations under Failure-Censored Partially Accelerated Life Tests

    Ricocheted Rifle and Shotgun Projectiles: A Ballistic Evaluation

    Sputtering Process Assessment of ITO Film for Multiple Quality Characteristics With One-Sided and Two-Sided Specifications

    Effect of Peel Side on Optimum Condition for Measuring Flexible Film Peel Strength in T-Peel Adhesion Test

    Selection of Minimum Sample Size Tightened-Normal-Tightened Sampling Inspection Schemes

    The Evaluation Criteria of Recruiting Local Staffs for Taiwanese Enterprise in China

    Measuring Principles of a Thrust Flow Transducer and Its Applications in River Flow Velocity

    Implementation and Use of Feasibility Assessment of Biometric Locker System for Swimmers

    Comparator With Optical Encoder System for the Calibration of Leveling Staffs

    A Novel Biometric System Based Hand Vein Recognition

    Monitoring of Vertical Movement in a Four-Story Wood-Frame Building in Coastal British Columbia

    Evaluation of Effective Thermal Conductivity for Mineral Cast Structural Materials Using Steady-State and Transient Methods

    An Assessment of Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility with Multiple Characteristics

    Supplier Selection for Processes with Multiple Characteristics Based on Testing Capability Index Cpk

    Evaluation of Single Sampling Plans by Attributes Using Mixture of Two Distributions

    Pressure Distribution of Dynamic Water Penetration Tests for Curtain Walls

    Lifetime Prediction of White OLED Based on MLE Under Lognormal Distribution

    Fuzzy Testing for Regression Coefficient of Fuzzy Numbers

    Aircraft Turbine Engine Manufacturing with Multiple Specifications

    Precision Tool Condition Monitoring for Grinding Wheel in IC Manufacturing of Silicon Wafer

    A New Method for Threat Assessment and Uncertainty Analysis of Air-Raid-Target-Based on Connection Number