Nuclear, Solar, and Geothermal Energy

    Performance Evaluation of UPQC for Interconnecting Photovoltaic Systems to the Electric Grid

    Experimental and Numerical Investigation of a Ring Tensile Test for Evaluation of Mechanical and Fracture Properties of Thin-Walled Fuel-Clad Tubes

    Design of a PV Module-Integrated Ćuk Converter Based Isolated Dual Boost Microinverter

    Tool Replacement for Photovoltaic Industry Processes With Multiple Characteristics Based on Capability Index

    Investigations on Wood–Plastic Composites Reinforced With Silica Particles Using Design of Experiment

    A Performance Evaluation Model Using FAHP/DEA and the Malmquist Productivity Index to Assess the Photovoltaics Industry in Taiwan

    Loading Rate Effect on the Master Curve Reference Temperature, T0, for the A533 B Material

    Reconstitution Process by Stud Welding for the Surveillance Program in Mexico

    Monitoring Hole Quality in a Drilling Process Using a Fuzzy Subtractive Clustering-basedqa System Identification Method

    Simulation of Irradiation Effects in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels: the Reactor for Virtual Experiments (REVE) Project

    A Study of the Variation of Neutron Skyshine Dose with Respect to Roof Thickness, Source Spectrum Distribution

    High Effectiveness Shielding Materials and Optimal Shield Design

    Development of a B4C/Al Cermet for Use as an Improved Structural Neutron Absorber

    Temperature Dependence of Dynamic Young's and Shear Moduli for Four Different Heat Treated Conditions of Depleted U-2Mo

    Precision Testing of Standardized Microbiological Methods

    A Methodology for the Evaluation of the Thermal Performance of Phase-Change Storage Materials

    Reference Materials—What is Available?

    Reference Materials—What They Are and How They Should be Used

    Prediction of the Shift in the Brittle-Ductile Transition Temperature of Light-Water Reactor (LWR) Pressure Vessel Materials

    An Assessment of Reactor Pressure Vessel Irradiated Materials Considerations

    Dosimetry Related to Controlled Thermonuclear Research

    Radiation Damage Units for Steel

    Damage Function Analysis

    Long-Term Dosimetry

    Neutron Spectrum Analysis from Dosimetry Experiments