Nuclear, Solar, and Geothermal Energy

    Tool Replacement for Photovoltaic Industry Processes With Multiple Characteristics Based on Capability Index

    Investigations on Wood–Plastic Composites Reinforced With Silica Particles Using Design of Experiment

    A Performance Evaluation Model Using FAHP/DEA and the Malmquist Productivity Index to Assess the Photovoltaics Industry in Taiwan

    Loading Rate Effect on the Master Curve Reference Temperature, T0, for the A533 B Material

    Reconstitution Process by Stud Welding for the Surveillance Program in Mexico

    Monitoring Hole Quality in a Drilling Process Using a Fuzzy Subtractive Clustering-basedqa System Identification Method

    Simulation of Irradiation Effects in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels: the Reactor for Virtual Experiments (REVE) Project

    A Study of the Variation of Neutron Skyshine Dose with Respect to Roof Thickness, Source Spectrum Distribution

    High Effectiveness Shielding Materials and Optimal Shield Design

    Development of a B4C/Al Cermet for Use as an Improved Structural Neutron Absorber

    Temperature Dependence of Dynamic Young's and Shear Moduli for Four Different Heat Treated Conditions of Depleted U-2Mo

    Precision Testing of Standardized Microbiological Methods

    A Methodology for the Evaluation of the Thermal Performance of Phase-Change Storage Materials

    Reference Materials—What is Available?

    Reference Materials—What They Are and How They Should be Used

    Prediction of the Shift in the Brittle-Ductile Transition Temperature of Light-Water Reactor (LWR) Pressure Vessel Materials

    An Assessment of Reactor Pressure Vessel Irradiated Materials Considerations

    Dosimetry Related to Controlled Thermonuclear Research

    Radiation Damage Units for Steel

    Damage Function Analysis

    Long-Term Dosimetry

    Neutron Spectrum Analysis from Dosimetry Experiments

    Structural Materials for Nuclear Power Plants

    The Contribution of Materials Technology to Power Generation