Testing of Anchors and Reinforcing Bars in Concrete under Cyclic Crack Movements

    Modified Odometer Cell to Measure Electrical Resistivity of Clays Undergoing Consolidation Process

    Performance Evaluation and Technical Requirement of Interlayer Stress Absorbing Composite Sticker (ISACS) for Mitigating Reflective Cracking in Asphalt Concrete Overlays

    Investigation of Critical Factors Determining the Accuracy of Binder Bond Strength Test to Evaluate Adhesion Properties of Asphalt Binders

    Use of Embedded Sensors to Evaluate Performance of Traffic Speed Deflection Devices

    Evaluation of Moisture Susceptibility of Asphalt Mixtures Using Dynamic Modulus

    Development of Standard Fatigue Vehicle Force Models Based on Actual Traffic Data by Weigh-In-Motion System

    Characterizing Structural Performance of Unbound Pavement Materials Using Miniaturized Pressuremeter and California Bearing Ratio Tests

    Research on the Relative Stable Time and Stable Value of Concrete Creep

    Potential of Portland-Limestone Cement to Improve Performance of Concrete Made With High Slag Cement and Fly Ash Replacement Rates

    Influence of Fine Aggregate Content on Low-Temperature Cracking of Asphalt Pavements

    Prevention of Mine-Shaft Failure by Aquifer Replenishment

    Steep Shear Properties of Asphalt Mixtures Based on Fractal Theory

    Field Tests of Cement Fly-Ash Steel-Slag Pile Composite Foundation

    Thermally Activated Healing of Fatigue Damage in Asphalt Binders

    Development of the Miniaturized Pressuremeter Test to Evaluate Unbound Pavement Layers

    Mechanical Responses of Rock Joints With Regular Asperities Under Various Shear Rates Investigated by Double Shear Test

    Development of Modulus and Fatigue Test Protocol for Fine Aggregate Matrix for Axial Direction of Loading

    Prioritization-Optimization Process Algorithm to Manage Pavement Networks During the Non-Availability of Historical Data

    Comparative Biaxial Flexural Behavior of Ultra-High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Panels Using Two Different Test and Placement Methods

    Detecting Soil Inclusion Inside Piles in the Laboratory Using DTS Method

    Exploring Compaction Methods for Laboratory Performance of Full Depth Reclamation

    Aggregate Gradation Influence on Grouting Results and Mix Design of Asphalt Mixture Skeleton for Semi-Flexible Pavement

    Field Evaluation of Infrared Asphalt Heater/Reclaimer Patching Method

    Ruggedness Study of Dynamic Modulus Testing of Asphalt Concrete in Indirect Tension Mode