A Proposal to Characterize the Angular Speed and Acceleration of the Torsional Recovery of a Polymer-Modified Asphalt Binder Incorporating Synthetic Wax

    Analytical Evaluation of Ride Comfort on Asphalt Concrete Pavements

    Effect of Electrical Surface Charge on Seal Coat Curing and Aggregate Loss Performance

    Classification of Parameters Affecting Impact Resistance of Natural Stones

    Reducing Sample Size for Cold In-Place Recycling Design and Testing

    Ranking of EVA Modified Bitumens Based on AASHTO M320 Performance Related Parameters

    Accelerated Concrete-Cylinder Test for Alkali–Silica Reaction

    Analysis and Assessment of Fatigue Response of Multilayer Asphalt Surfacing System on Orthotropic Steel Deck Bridge With the Five-Point Bending Beam Tests

    Evaluation of Coarse Aggregate in Cold Recycling Mixes Using X-Ray CT Scanner and Image Analysis

    Low-Temperature Performance of Seal Coat

    Subsurface Condition Evaluation of Asphalt Pavement for Pavement Preservation Treatments

    Models for Prediction of 28-Day Concrete Compressive Strength

    Index Properties of Coastal Plain Soils of Southeastern Virginia

    Maneuvering MEPDG Input Variables to Improve Level-3 and Level-2 Mastercurve Predictions to the Accuracy of Level-1 Input Hierarchy

    Sensitivity Analysis for a Guarded-Hot-Plate Apparatus: A Methodology Based on Orthogonal Experiment Designs

    Stochastic Forecasting of Life Expectancies Considering Multi-Maintenance Criteria and Localized Uncertainties in the Pavement-Deterioration Process

    Characterization of Dense-Graded Asphalt With the Cantabro Test

    Properties of Polymer-Modified Mortar Using Silane as an Integral Additive

    Micro-Structural Analysis of Moisture-Induced Damage Potential of Asphalt Mixes Containing RAP

    New Local Compression Test to Estimate In Situ Compressive Strength of Masonry Mortar

    A New Fatigue Failure Criterion Based on Crack Width of Asphalt Concrete Under Indirect Tensile Mode of Loading

    Performance of Settled Bridge-Approach Slabs with Polyurethane-Foam Injection

    Reliability of Analysis Methods for Identifying Dispersive Clays

    Radial Strain Behaviors and Stress State Interpretation of Soil Under Direct Simple Shear

    Characteristic Point of the Relatively Quiet Period for Limestone Failure Under Uniaxial Compression