Evaluation of Rheological Properties and Field Applications of Buton Rock Asphalt

    Capacitance-Type Sensor System for Characterizations of Icing Behavior

    Fatigue Performance of Asphalt Mixture under Actual Loading Patterns at Different Pulse Durations

    Impact of Different Loading Patterns with Short Duration on the Permanent Strain of Asphalt Mixture

    A Phenomenological Fatigue Performance Model of Asphalt Mixtures Based on Fracture Energy Density

    Assessing the Effects of Mechanical Preventive Measures on Alkali-Silica Reaction Expansion with Accelerated Mortar Bar Test

    Stress–Strain Characteristics and Elastic–Plastic Damage Constitutive Equation of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Under Cyclic Compression at Medium Strain Rate

    Assessment of the Effect of Pore Pressure Cycles on Moisture Sensitivity of Hot Mix Asphalt Using MIST Conditioning and Dynamic Modulus

    Evaluation of the Use of Ribbed Tires for the Characterization of Skid Resistance Using Friction Models

    Effects of Using Recycled Asphalt Shingles in Open-Graded Friction Course on Flexible Pavement Performance

    Laboratory Investigation of the Effect of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) Additives on the Properties of WMA Used in China

    Micro- and Nano-Characteration of Interaction Between Asphalt and Filler

    Experimental Study of Hot Recycled Asphalt Mixtures with High Percentages of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement and Different Recycling Agents

    Refractometric Measurements at the Bitumen–Aggregate Interface

    Virtual Mechanical Testing of Asphalt Mixture Based on X-ray Computed Tomography

    The Influence of Binder Rheology on the Cracking of Asphalt Mixes in Airport and Highway Projects

    Preparation and Electrical Properties of Piezoelectric-Embedded Asphalt Mixture

    Research on Application of Terminal Blended Asphalt Rubber in Steel Deck Pavement

    Comparison of Two Beam Fatigue Tests

    Mechanical Behavior Analysis of Asphalt Mixture in Meso-Scale Considering Locally Effective Material

    Dispersion of SBS and its Influence on the Performance of SBS Modified Asphalt

    Influence of Steel Wool Fibers on the Mechanical, Termal, and Healing Properties of Dense Asphalt Concrete

    Physical and Chemical Properties of Asphalts Associated With Performance

    Establishment of Microstructure of Asphalt Mixtures Based on Discrete Element Method

    Threshold Values of Performance Indicators for Asphalt Concrete Pavement to Apply to Pavement Performance Warranty