Nonferrous Metal Products

    Study of Temperature Memory Effect During the Thermal Cycling in Hydraulic Systems

    Study of Preferred Profile of Accelerated Stability Test Method for Quartz Flexible Accelerometer

    Inverse Modeling Applied for Material Characterization of Powder Materials

    Cohesive Zone Property Measurement by a Hybrid Experimental and Numerical Method Using Ball Indentations

    Ionic Conductivity of a Carbonate–Ion Conductor

    Effect of Lubrication in Cold Upsetting Using Experimental and Finite Element Modeling

    Modified Approach for Quantitative Texture Evaluation in Case of Transverse Textured Zirconium Alloy Tubes

    Design and Evaluation of Efficient Router Architecture for Triplet-Based Network-on-Chip Topology

    Mechanical Failure Study of Aluminum Extrusion Dies as Affected by the Quality of the Billets

    Design and Evaluation of Low-Latency and Shortest-Path Routing Algorithm for Triplet-Based Hierarchical Interconnection Network

    An Experimental Device for Material Characterization of Powder Materials

    Detailed Investigation of Forming Limit Determination Standards for Aluminum Alloys

    Functionally Graded Bronze/Tungsten-Carbide Castings: A Characterization and Property Study

    Investigation of Interaction between the Silicone Rubber Sealant and Concrete Substrate

    Elliptical Hole-Crack Problems in an Infinite Plate Subjected to Internal Pressure

    Mechanical Behavior of Aluminum Alloys During Small Punch Test

    Small-Scale Mechanical Characterization of Aluminum and Titanium Alloys

    Temperature Distribution during Friction Stir Spot Welding of Magnesium Alloy AM60B

    Solderability Testing of Lead-Free Solder Joints Using Miniature Specimens

    A Comparison of Two Crush Test Methods for Honeycombs Under Compression and Shear

    Novel Uncertainty-Evaluation Method of Virtual Instrument Small Sample Size

    Texture Evaluation in Zr-2.5 % Nb Pressure Tubes Using Kearn’s f Parameter

    An Internal Conical Mandrel Technique for Fracture Toughness Measurements on Nuclear Fuel Cladding

    Consolidation of Mechanically Alloyed Titanium Silicide using Polycarbosilane

    Influence of Two Hexavalent Chromium-Free Coating types on Mechanical Behavior of Bolted Joints