Iron and Steel Products

    In Situ Assessment of Pavement Subgrade Using Falling Weight Deflectometer

    Effect of Specimen Thickness and Punch Diameter in Evaluation of Small Punch Test Parameters Toward Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Cr–Mo Steels

    Quantification of the Structural Stresses in Steel Bridges by Means of the X-Ray Diffraction Technique: The Case of the Bizkaia Bridge (Industrial World Heritage Site in Spain)

    Effect of Ohmic Drop on Accuracy of Reinforcement Corrosion Rate Measured Using Different Setups

    Electrochemical Techniques in Corrosion: Status, Limitations, and Needs

    SkSP-V Sampling Plan for the Exponentiated Weibull Distribution

    Statistical Inference of Weibull Distribution under a Progressive Stress Partially Accelerated Life Testing Model

    Inspection of Batches Through Skip-R Lot Sampling Plan

    Evaluation of Damage Effects on Dynamic Characteristics of RC Buildings by Ambient Vibration Test

    Case for Changing Reinforcing Bar Deformation Spacing Requirements

    Improving Belleville Washer Spring Characteristics Using Elastomer Filling

    Experimental Flight Testing of Night Vision Imaging Systems in Military Fighter Aircraft

    Impact of Leaf/Bunch Ratio and Time of Application on Yield and Fruit Quality of Barhi Date Palm Trees (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Under Saudi Arabian Conditions

    Decision Procedure for the Weibull Distribution Based on Run Lengths of Conforming Items

    Comparison between Contact and Immersion Method in Ultrasonic Stress Measurement of Welded Stainless Steel Plates

    A Solution for Estimating the Tensile Yield Strength From Small Specimens

    Two-Stage Group Acceptance Sampling Plan for Burr Type X Percentiles

    An Application of AHP and Sensitivity Analysis for Measuring the Best Strategy of Reverse Logistics: A Case Study of Photovoltaic Industry Chain

    Applying Hybrid Grey Models in Analyzing Tonnage Growth Trends in Bulk Shipping Among China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

    Failure Analysis of a Set of Flapper Valves Under ALT With Alternative Test Device

    Assessment of the Mean-Stress Sensitivity Factor Method in Stress-Life Fatigue Predictions

    Stress-Relaxation Cracking Test for Welded Joints

    Multiple Dependent State Sampling Plan Based on Process Capability Index

    A Linear S-N Curve with Load Dependent Variance and Explicit Failure Probability

    Experimental Bend Tests to Study Mechanical Descaling of Hot-Rolled Steel Rod