Emergency Medical Services; Search and Rescue

    Symposia Papers & STPs

    STP1481 Fatigue and Fracture of Medical Metallic Materials and Devices

    STP1472 Wear of Articulating Surfaces: Understanding Joint Simulation

    STP1471 Titanium, Niobium, Zirconium, and Tantalum for Medical and Surgical Applications

    STP1452 Tissue Engineered Medical Products (TEMPs)

    STP1445 Crosslinked and Thermally Treated Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene for Joint Replacements

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    Journal of ASTM International (JAI)

    Acute Care in Cervical Spinal Cord Trauma with Long-Term Benefit: A Review

    Journal of Testing and Evaluation (JTE)

    Bibliometric and Social Network Analysis for Data Mining: The Intellectual Structure of Tourism Destination Literature

    The Efficiency Analysis of Life Insurance Company in Taiwan: Two-Stage Data Envelopment Analysis

    Double Watermarking and Turbo Coding for Robust Image Watermarking