Chemical-Resistant Nonmetallic Materials; Vitrified Clay Pipe; Concrete Pipe; Fiber-Reinforced Cement Products; Mortars and Grouts; Masonry; Precast Concrete

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    STP1512 Masonry

    STP1496 Masonry

    STP1494 Natural Cement

    STP1432 Masonry: Opportunities for the 21st Century

    STP1368 Concrete Pipe for the New Millennium

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    Journal of Testing and Evaluation (JTE)

    Characterizations of Bamboo Succus And Alkaline Peroxide Mechanical Pulping (APMP) Brightness of Bambusa Chungii

    Non-contact and Non-destructive Analysis of the Quality of Phenolic Resin by Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

    An Investigation of the Fluid Characteristics of Cement Grouts