Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics: Volume I Time-Dependent Fracture

    Published: 1988

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    Two volume set: Volume 1 -- Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics: Time Dependent Fracture. Volume 2 -- Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics: Elastic-Plastic Fracture

    STP 995 contains recent work on traditional elastic plastic fracture mechanics as well newer areas, such as time dependent fracture mechanics and dynamic fracture. Papers discuss analytical considerations, experimental methods, and applications. Third in a series of ASTM books on nonlinear fracture mechanics.

    Table of Contents

    Bassani J., Landes J., Saxena A.

    Evaluation of the Ct Parameter for Characterizing Creep Crack Growth Rate in the Transient Regime
    Bassani J., Hawk D., Saxena A.

    A Critical Assessment of Global Mechanical Approaches to Creep Crack Initiation and Creep Crack Growth in 316L Steel
    Bensussan P., Pineau A., Piques R.

    A Numerical Study of Non-Steady-State Creep at Stationary Crack Tips
    Leung C., McDowell D., Saxena A.

    Crack Growth in Small-Scale Creep
    Bassani J., Hawk D., Wu F.

    Growth of Macroscopic Cracks by Void Coalescence Under Extensive Creeping Conditions
    Hui C., Wu K.

    Creep Crack Growth of Alloy 800H in Controlled-Impurity Helium
    Foulds J.

    Creep Embrittlement Susceptibility and Creep Crack Growth Behavior in Low-Alloy Steels: An Assessment of the Effects of Residual Impurity Elements and Postweld Heat Treatment Condition on Creep Ductility and Crack Growth
    Konosu S., Maeda K.

    Influence of Aging on High-Temperature Creep Crack Growth in Type 304H Stainless Steel
    Becht C., Buchheim G., Dimopolos V., Nikbin K., Smith D., Webster G.

    An Anisotropic, Damage-Coupled Viscoplastic Model for Creep-Dominated Cyclic Loading
    Ho K., McDowell D., Stalley J.

    Experimental Determination of the High-Temperature Crack Growth Behavior of Incoloy 800H
    Hollstein T., Voss B.

    Three-Dimensional Transient Analysis of a Dynamically Loaded Three-Point-Bend Ductile Fracture Specimen
    Freund L., Nakamura T., Shih C.

    Influence of Loading Rate on the Deformation and Ductile Fracture of A533B Steel at 70C
    Garwood S., Smith D.

    Measurement of Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Ductile Materials
    Hackett E., Joyce J., Shih C.

    An Advanced Procedure for J-R Curve Testing Using a Drop Tower
    Hackett E., Joyce J.

    Measurement of the J-Integral with Caustics: An Experimental and Numerical Investigation
    Narasimhan R., Rosakis A., Zehnder A.

    Correlation of Optical Caustics with Fracture Behavior of High-Strength Steels
    Judy R., Sanford R.

    An Experimental Study of the Validity of a Delta J Criterion for Fatigue Crack Growth
    Jablonski D.

    Combined-Mode Low-Cycle Fatigue Crack Growth Under Torsional Loading
    Wilkening W., Williams R.

    Fatigue Crack-Tip Mechanics in 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy from High-Sensitivity Displacement Field Measurements
    Nicoletto G.

    Dislocaton-Free Zone Model of Fracture Under Reverse Loading
    Chang S., Ohr S.

    Fracture Toughness Testing of Polyethylene Pipe Materials
    Bradley W., Jones R.

    Nonlinear Fracture of Concrete and Ceramics
    Bradt R., Du J., Hawkins N., Kobayashi A.

    Author Index

    Subject Index

    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP995V1-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5063-8

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1174-5

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