Semiconductor Fabrication: Technology and Metrology

    Gupta DC
    Published: 1989

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    STP 990 presents 35 papers on: Silicon Crystal Growth and Epitaxial Deposition Techniques; Fabrication Technology; Micro contamination; Metallization and Interconnects; Material Defects and Gettering; and Control Charts, Standards, and Specifications.

    Table of Contents

    Gupta D.

    The Effect of a Rotational Magnetic Field on MCZ Crystal Growing
    Aoki T., Kawata Y., Kobayashi S., Shiraiwa T., Yamashita K.

    Silicon Slice Fracture Analysis
    Dyer L.

    Characterization of High Growth Rate Epitaxial Silicon from a New Single Wafer Reactor
    Lawrence L., Robinson M.

    Softening of Si and GaAs During Thermal Process
    Endo K., Ichizawa M., Suga H., Tomizawa K.

    Nucleation and Growth Kinetics of Bulk Microdefects in Heavily Doped Epitaxial Silicon Wafers
    Matlock J., Mollenkopf H., Wijaranakula W.

    On the Application of Calibration Data to Spreading Resistance Analysis
    Berkowitz H.

    Epitaxial Silicon Quality Improvement by Automatic Surface Inspection
    Hellwig L., Rossi J., Ruprecht D.

    Spreading Resistance Profiles in Gallium Arsenide
    Hillard R., Mazur R.

    High Dose Arsenic Implant for Bipolar Buried Layers
    Swaroop R., Ygartua C.

    Accurate Junction-Depth Measurements Using Chemical Staining
    Fair R., Massoud H., Subrahmanyan R.

    Use of Polysilicon Deposition in a Cold-Wall LPCVD Reactor to Determine Wafer Temperature Uniformity
    Lane L., Starov V.

    Dry Etching Techniques for MMIC Fabrication on GaAs
    Bhardwaj J., Harrington S., Kiermasz A., McQuarrie A., Stephens M.

    Dry Etching of Ion Implanted Silicon: Electrical Effects
    Fonash S., Heddleson J., Horn M.

    Reaction Mechanisms and Rate Limitations in Dry Etching of Silicon Dioxide with Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride
    Busse J., Clements L., Mehta J.

    Plasma Etching of Aluminum Alloys in BCL3/CL2 Plasmas
    Burke B., Chen C., DeOrnellas S.

    NBS Submicron Particle Standards for Microcontamination Measurement
    Lettieri T.

    Particulate Cleanliness Testing of Filters and Equipment in Process Fluids
    Goldsmith S., Grundelman G.

    Parameters Controlling Counting Efficiency for Optical Liquid-Borne Particle Counters
    Lieberman A.

    A Correlation Study of Aluminum Film Wet Etch Uniformity with the Sputter Etch of Oxide Films
    Berman M., Bruner M., Dumesnil F.

    Crack Free and Highly Reliable Double Level Metallization Process Using Plasma Oxide and Silanol-Type Sog Layers
    Iwamori T., Kojima H., Sakata Y., Yatsuda Y.

    VLSI Defect Detection, Classification, and Reduction from In-Process and Post-Process Sram Inspections
    Fahrenz C., Logan C., Parks H.

    Advanced VLSI Isolation Technologies
    Kuo Y.

    Application of Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis for Metallic Trace Impurities on Silicon Wafer Surfaces
    Eichinger P., Rath H., Schwenke H.

    Chemical Analysis of Metallic Impurity on the Surface of Silicon Wafers
    Fujino N., Shiraiwa T., Sumita S., Tanizoe Y.

    Process - Induced Influence on the Minority — Carrier Lifetime in Power Devices
    Jasuja K., Khanna V., Khokle W., Thakur D.

    The Role of Oxygen Precipitates in the Gettering of Iron in Silicon
    Glaunsinger W., Sinha P.

    The Calibration and Reproducibility of Oxygen Concentration in Silicon Measurements using Sims Characterization Technique
    Goldstein M., Makovsky J.

    Defect, Dopant, and Device Modification using Si(Ge,B) Epitaxy
    Bean K., Kola R., Lindberg K., Rozgonyi G.

    Effect of Pre- and Post-Epitaxial Annealing on Oxygen Precipitation and Internal Gettering in N/N+(100) Epitaxial Wafers
    Matlock J., Mollenkopf H., Shimada S., Stuber M., Wijaranakula W.

    Electrical Characterization of Electrically Active Surface Contaminants by Epitaxial Encapsulation
    Derheimer A., Matlock J., Mollenkopf H., Takamizawa S.

    Optimum Polysilicon Deposition on Wafer Backs for Gettering Purposes
    Borionetti G., Domenici M., Ferrero G.

    Modification of Control Charts for Use in an Integrated Circuit Fabrication Environment
    Friedman D.

    Perkin-Elmer 544 Overlay Evaluation Using Statistical Techniques
    Babasick R., Keller G., Waldo W.

    Revolutionizing Semiconductor Material Specifications
    Lowry R.

    Economic Impact of Standards on Productivity in the Semiconductor Industry
    French J., Scace R., Tassey G.

    Appendix: Workshop and Panel Discussions

    Author Index

    Subject Index

    Committee: F01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP990-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5107-9

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1273-5

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