Composite Materials: Testing and Design (Eighth Conference)

    Whitcomb JD
    Published: 1988

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    This volume continues to document progress in composite materials testing. Twenty-seven papers represent the following areas: Analysis; Impact and Compression; Materials Characterization; Failure Mechanisms; Nondestructive Evaluation; and Filament Wound and Woven Composites.

    Table of Contents

    Whitcomb J.

    Automated Design of Composite Plates for Improved Damage Tolerance
    Gürdal Z., Haftka R.

    Composite Interlaminar Fracture Toughness: Three-Dimensional Finite-Element Modeling for Mixed Mode I, II, and Fracture
    Chamis C., Murthy P.

    Sublaminate- or Ply-Level Analysis of Composites and Strain Energy Release Rates of End-Notch and Mixed-Mode Fracture Specimens
    Chamis C., Valisetty R.

    A Cumulative Damage Model for Continuous Fiber Composite Laminates with Matrix Cracking and Interply Delaminations
    Allen D., Groves S., Harris C.

    Interlaminar Fracture Analysis of Composite Laminates Under Bending and Combined Bending and Extension
    Armanios E., Rehfield L.

    Effect of Adhesive Layers on Impact Damage in Composite Laminates
    Rechak S., Sun C.

    The Correlation of Low-Velocity Impact Resistance of Graphite-Fiber-Reinforced Composites with Matrix Properties
    Bowles K.

    The Sandwich Column as a Compressive Characterization Specimen for Thin Laminates
    Lagace P., Vizzini A.

    Instability-Related Delamination Growth in Thermoset and Thermoplastic Composites
    Carlsson L., Gillespie J., Rothschilds R.

    Two-Dimensional Delamination Growth in Composite Laminates Under Compression Loading
    Flanagan G.

    An Experimental Study of a Curved Composite Panel with a Cutout
    Palazotto A.

    Characterizing the Tensile Stress-Strain Nonlinearity of Polyacrylonitrile-Based Carbon Fibers
    Kowalski I.

    Development of a Standard Quality-Control Test Method for Determining the Fiber Strength of Graphitized Roving
    Barker H., Dowell D., Kirshenbaum S.

    The Development of a Satisfactory, Simple, Shear Fatigue Test for Unidirectional E-Glass Epoxy
    Barnard P., Butler R., Curtis P.

    Height-Tapered Double Cantilever Beam Specimen for Study of Rate Effects on Fracture Toughness of Composites
    Daniel I., Yaniv G.

    A Constant ΔG Test for Measuring Mode I Interlaminar Fatigue Crack Growth Rates
    Russell A., Street K.

    Growth of Elliptic Delaminations in Laminates Under Cyclic Transverse Shear Stresses
    Chatterjee S., Chen Y., Dick W., Ramnath V.

    Analytical and Experimental Investigation of the Notched Strength of Thick Laminates with Surface Notches
    Harris C., Morris D., Nottorf E.

    Analysis of Delamination Growth from Matrix Cracks in Laminates Subjected to Bending Loads
    Guynn E., Murri G.

    Interlaminar Fracture Processes in Resin Matrix Composites Under Static and Fatigue Loading
    Armanios E., Reddy A., Rehfield L., Weinstein F.

    Failure Mechanism of Delamination Fracture
    Lee S.

    The Use of Acoustic Emission to Detect the Onset of Interlaminar Shear Failure in Short Beam Fatigue Specimens
    Edwards J.

    Damage Assessment by Acousto-Ultrasonic Technique in Composites
    Hahn H., Lorenzo L.

    Viscoelastic/Damage Modeling of Filament-Wound Cylindrical Pressure Vessels
    Hackett R., Prater J.

    Residual Stress and Strength Loss in Filament-Wound Composites
    Knight C.

    Strength of Woven-Fabric Composites with Drilled and Molded Holes
    Chou T., Yau S.

    Mechanical Behavior of Braided Composite Materials
    Jones R., Simonds R., Stinchcomb W.

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    Committee: D30

    DOI: 10.1520/STP972-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5044-7

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0980-3

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