Degradation of Metals in the Atmosphere

    Dean SW, Lee TS
    Published: 1987

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    Paper present current research results on the corrosion of metals in the atmosphere, show current thinking on mechanisms of atmospheric corrosion, and document how changes in the atmosphere have affected the corrosion of metals. This book provides convenient access to technical data from recent tests, long term test programs, and field experience, including data on new materials of construction.

    Table of Contents

    Dean S., Lee T.



    Dean S., Lee T.

    Sixteen-Year Atmospheric Corrosion Performance of Weathering Steels in Marine, Rural, and Industrial Environments
    Friel J., Shastry C., Townsend H.

    Atmospheric Corrosion Problems with Weathering Steels in Louisiana Bridges
    Raman A.

    Effects of Weathering of Chromate Passivation Films on Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Coated Sheet Steel
    Cleary H.

    The Corrosion of Stainless Steels in the Atmosphere
    Johnson M., Kearns J., Pavik P.

    Long-Term Atmospheric Corrosion Behavior of Various Grades of Stainless Steel
    Baker E., Lee T.

    Atmospheric Corrosion and Development of a Stainless Steel Alloy Against Marine Environments
    Ito S., Murata T., Omata H., Yabumoto Y.

    Atmospheric Corrosion of the Suspension Cables on the Williamsburg Bridge
    Caligiuri R., Eiselstein L.

    Observations on Atmospheric Corrosion Made of Architectural Copper Work at Yale University
    Darling B., Fishman H., Wooten J.

    Environmental Degradation of Telecommunication Hardware
    Healey N., Lee T., Trumble W.

    Long-Term Corrosion Behavior of Materials in the Marine Atmosphere
    Baker E.

    Atmospheric Corrosion Behavior of Clad Metals
    Baboian R., Haynes G.

    Atmospheric Corrosion of Wrought Aluminum Alloys During a Ten-Year Period
    Anthony W., Dean S.

    Barrier Coatings for the Protection of Steel and Aluminum Alloys in the Marine Atmosphere
    Aylor D., Shaw B.

    Computer Techniques in Corrosion Protection
    Průšek J.

    Environmental Effects in the Atmospheric Corrosion of Zinc
    Carter J., Cramer S., Flinn D., Linstrom P.

    Using the Classification of Corrosivity of Atmospheres to Extend the Service Life of Materials, Structures, and Products
    Knotkova D., Vrobel L.

    Corrosion of Steel and Zinc in Scandinavia with Respect to the Classification of the Corrosivity of Atmospheres
    Atteraas L., Gullman J., Haagenrud S., Kucera V.

    Environmental Factors Affecting the Corrosion of Galvanized Steel
    Haynie F.

    Atmospheric Corrosion in Maritime Industrial Atmospheres: Laboratory Research
    Bartoň B., Knotková D., Van Tu B.

    Degradation of Copper and Copper Alloys by Atmospheric Sulfur
    Franey J.

    Marine Salts Contribution to Atmospheric Corrosion
    Ballance J., Duncan J.

    The Chemistry of Precipitation: Perspectives on Potential Impacts on the Corrosion of Metals
    Graedel T.

    A Study of the Effects of Dry and Wet Deposition on Galvanized Steel and Weathering Steel: A Three-year Field Exposure
    Edney E., Haynie F., Spence J., Stiles D.

    Corrosion Monitoring of Shipboard Environments
    Agarwala V.

    A New Method to Monitor In-Situ Protective Properties of Rust on Weathering Steel
    Ito S., Kihira H., Murata T.

    A Second Generation Accelerated Atmospheric Corrosion Chamber
    Schubert R.

    ISO CORRAG Collaborative Atmospheric Exposure Program: A Preliminary Report
    Dean S.

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    Committee: G01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP965-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5023-2

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0966-7

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