Radiation-Induced Changes in Microstructure: 13th International Symposium (Part I)

    Garner FA, Packan NH, Kumar AS
    Published: 1987

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    STP 955 resulted from a major international forum for the exchange and discussion of both the fundamental and technological aspects of behavior change in materials exposed to radiation environments. 66 papers comprise this book whose contents have been categorized into seven distinct technical areas: radiation-induced defects and their diffusion; neutron-induced swelling; charge particle-induced swelling; theory of swelling and irradiation creep; microstructural evolution; solute segregation and phase stability; and effects of implantation.

    Table of Contents

    Garner F., Kumar A., Packan N.


    Diffusion Coefficients of Nickel and Silicon in Ion Irradiated Fe-20Cr-20Ni
    Müller A., Macht M., Naundorf V.

    Vacancy Properties During Irradiation with High Energy Particles
    Schüle W.

    A Study of Defect Structures in Fast Neutron Irradiated Nickel and Iron by Measurements of Magnetic Anisotropy
    Maeta H., Ono F.

    Cascade Defect Production and Irradiation Enhanced Diffusion in Cu3Au
    Funk L., Kirk M.

    The Collapse of Defect Cascades to Dislocation Loops During Self-Ion Irradiations of Iron, Nickel, and Copper at 30, 300, and 600 K
    Funk L., Jenkins M., Kirk M., Robertson I., Vetrano J.

    The Collapse of Defect Cascades to Dislocation Loops in Cu3Au
    Black T., English C., Jenkins M., Kirk M.

    Effects of Anisotropic Diffusion on Irradiation Deformation
    Woo C.

    Quantitative Study By Field Ion Microscopy of Radiation Damage in Tungsten After Proton and Neutron Irradiation
    Farnum D., Inal O., Sommer W., Yu J.

    Irradiation-Induced Swelling in AISI 316 Steel: Effect of Tensile and Compressive Stresses
    Bell W., Lauritzen T., Vaidyanathan S., Yang W.

    Void Swelling and Microstructural Change in Neutron Irradiated Type 316 Stainless Steel
    Itoh M., Onose S., Yuhara S.

    Development of Modified Type 316 Stainless Steel for Fast Breeder Reactor Fuel Cladding Tubes
    Fujiwara M., Ohta S., Sato Y., Tani S., Uchida H., Yuhara S.

    Swelling of 316 Stainless Steel and D9 Cladding in FFTF
    Makenas B.

    Neutron-Induced Swelling in Cold-Worked Titanium-Modified AISI 316 Alloys
    Garner F., Puigh R.

    Void-Precipitate Association During Neutron Irradiation of Austenitic Stainless Steel
    Maziasz P., Pedraza D.

    Neutron-Induced Swelling of Fe-Mn and Fe-Cr-Mn Austenitic Alloys
    Brager H., Garner F.

    The Effect of Swelling in Inconel® 600 on the Performance of FFTF Reflector Assemblies
    Garner F., Hecht S., Makenas B., McCarthy J., Trenchard R.

    Influence of Grain and Subgrain Boundaries on Void Formation and Growth in Aluminum Irradiated with Fast Neutrons
    Horsewell A., Singh B.

    Nucleation, Growth, and Distribution of Cavities in the Vicinity of Grain Boundaries in Aluminum Irradiated with 600-MeV Protons
    Green W., Leffers T., Singh B., Victoria M.

    Dislocation Behavior in the Swelling Process of HVEM Irradiated Stainless Steel
    Igata N., Kohno Y., Nishimura J.

    Void Swelling in Electron-Irradiated Fe-Cr-Ni Model Alloys
    Dimitrov O., Rotman F.

    The Behavior of Solute Segregation and Void Formation in Fe-Cr-Ni and Fe-Cr-Mn Steels During Electron Irradiation
    Garner F., Hu B., Itoh H., Ohnuki S., Takahashi H.

    Oxygen Effects on Void Stabilization in Stainless Steel
    Dodd R., Kulcinski G., Seitzman L.

    The Influence of Both Major and Minor Element Composition on Void Swelling in Austenitic Steels
    Garner F., Kumar A.

    Effect of Nickel Content on the Minimum Critical Void Radius in Ternary Austenitic Alloys
    Coghlan W., Garner F.

    The Influence of Helium Trapping by Vacancies on the Behavior of Metals Under Irradiation
    Murphy S.

    Transport of Helium to Grain Boundaries During Irradiation
    Foreman A., Singh B.

    A Comparison of the Relative Importance of Helium and Vacancy Accumulation in Void Nucleation
    Odette G., Stoller R.

    A Composite Model of Microstructural Evolution in Austenitic Stainless Steel Under Fast Neutron Irradiation
    Odette G., Stoller R.

    Interstitial Dislocation Loop Nucleation and Growth and Swelling Produced By High-Energy Cascades
    Yu J.

    Comparison of Various Sink Strengths for Analyzing Radiation Creep, Growth, and Swelling
    Liu Y., Nichols F.

    Gas-Bubble Growth Mechanisms in the Analysis of Metal Fuel Swelling
    Gruber E., Kramer J.

    The Effects of Applied Stress on the Irradiation Induced Microstructures of Dilute Nickel Alloys
    Atkins T., McElroy R.

    Dislocation Evolution in Fe-10% Cr
    Bentley J., Horton L.

    Stability Studies of Radiation Defects in Aluminum Introduced by 600-MeV Protons
    Gotthardt R., Green S., Paschoud F.

    In-Situ Electron Microscopy Observation of Dislocation Motion in 600-MeV Proton Irradiated Aluminum
    Gavillet D., Gotthardt R., Green W., Martin J., Victoria M.

    Ion Damage in a Fe-10Cr-6Mo-0.5Nb Ferritic Steel
    Farrell K., Lee E.

    Microstructural Changes in Commercial Aluminum Alloys Caused by Irradiation with 800-MeV Protons
    Lohmann W., Ribbens A., Singh B., Sommer W.

    Effects of Neutron Irradiation on the Microstructure and Microhardness of Niobium-Base Alloys
    Michel D., Smith H.

    Effects of Heavy-Ion Irradiation on HT-9 Ferritic Steel Examined in Cross Section
    Dodd R., Kai J., Kulcinski G.

    Microstructural Examination of 12% Cr Martensitic Stainless Steel After Irradiation at Elevated Temperatures in FFTF
    Gelles D., Hsu C., Lechtenberg T.

    Evaluation of Ferritic Alloy Fe-2¼Cr-1Mo After Neutron Irradiation: Microstructural Development
    Gelles D.

    Nickel Ion Irradiation Effects on the Microstructure of 2 1/4% Cr 1% Mo Steel and a Comparison with Neutron Irradiation Data
    Dodd R., Kai J., Kulcinski G., Plumton D., Sindelar R.

    The Fine Scale Microstructure in Cast and Aged Duplex Stainless Steels Investigated by Small Angle Neutron Scattering
    Epperson J., Lin J., Spooner S.

    Radiation-Induced Segregation in Light-Ion Bombarded Ni-8% Si
    Heatherly L., Kesternich W., Packan N., Schroeder H.

    Precipitate Evolution in Type 316 Stainless Steels Irradiated in EBR-II
    Yang W.

    Irradiation-Suppressed Graphite and Cementite Precipitation in Fe-Ni-C and Ni-C Alloys
    Best S., Russell K.

    Amorphous Transformation of Laves Phase in Zircaloy and Austenitic Stainless Steel Upon Neutron Irradiation
    Harris L., Yang W.

    Phase Transformations in Neutron-Irradiated Zircaloys
    Chung H.

    Radiation-Induced Segregation in Cu-Au Alloys
    Hashimoto T., Okamoto P., Rehn L.

    Effect of Irradiation on Carbide Evolution in a Pure Fe-2¼Cr-1Mo Ferritic Alloy
    Brimhall J., Simonen E.

    Radiation-Induced Segregation and Precipitation in Molybdenum-Rhenium Alloys
    Erck R., Rehn L., Wayman C.

    Solute Segregation and Microstructural Evolution in Ion-Irradiated Vanadium-Base Alloys
    Gerber S., Kestel B., Loomis B.

    The Influence of Electron Irradiation on the Structural State of γ-Fe-Mn Alloys
    Binnatov K., Mekhrabov A., Shukyurov T.

    Compositional Redistribution in Fe-Ni-Cr Alloys Under Proton Irradiation
    Kimoto T., Shiraishi H.

    Phase Stability in Fe-15 Ni-x Cr Alloys Under Ion or Electron Irradiation
    Stubbins J.

    Neutron-Induced Spinodal-Like Decomposition of Fe-Ni and Fe-Ni-Cr Alloys
    Brager H., Garner F., McCarthy J.

    Spinodal-like Decomposition and Swelling Induced by Ion Irradiation in Simple Fe-Ni and Fe-Ni-Cr Alloys
    Dodd R., Garner F., Johnston W., Kai J., Lauritzen T.

    Comparison of Plastic Deformation and Charged Particle Irradiation Influence on Phase Transformations in Stainless Steel
    Ibragimov S., Vereshchak M., Zhantikin T., Zhetbaev A.

    Compositional Fluctuations and Stability of Alloys Under Radiation
    Abromeit C., Krishan K.

    Point Defect Dynamics in Nonhomogenous Alloys Under Irradiation
    Abromeit C., Martin G.

    Computer Simulation of Precipitate Recoil Resolution by Energetic Collision Cascades
    Ishino S., Kitajima K., Muroga T.

    Separation of Alloy Components in the Vicinity of a Collision Cascade
    Ibragimov S., Kirsanov V., Melinkhov V.

    Depth Profiling of Hydrogen Isotopes Implanted into TiC Crystals
    Fujino Y., Sato K., Yamaguchi S.

    Helium Ion Implantation Induced Damage in Metallic Glasses
    Nandedkar R., Tyagi A.

    Study of Heavy and Light Ion Irradiation Induced Effects in Metallic Glass Samples
    Bhagawat A., Kurup M., Prasad K., Sharma R.

    Dose and Energy Dependence of Helium Ion Irradiated Monel-400
    Agarwala R., Anand M., Pande B.

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    Committee: E10

    DOI: 10.1520/STP955-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5016-4

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0962-9

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