Quantitative Characterization and Performance of Porous Implants for Hard Tissue Applications

    Lemons JE
    Published: 1987

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    Thirty-one papers cover several interrelated investigations: mechanical properties of porous coatings and substrates; characterizations of pore dimensions; biodegradation and biological analysis; performance in human and laboratory animals; modeling and implant fixation; and systems for future applications.

    Table of Contents

    Lemons J.




    Adhesion of Fiber Metal Coatings
    Andersen P., Levine D.

    Determining the Cantilever-Bend Fatigue Integrity of a Porous-Coated Tibial Component
    Bushelow M., Cameron H., Davidson J.

    Effect of Hot Isostatic Pressing on the Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of a Cast, Porous-Coated Co-Cr-Mo Alloy
    Georgette F.

    Mechanical Evaluation of ASTM F75 Alloy in Various Metallurgical Conditions
    Kelman D., Pafford J., Spires W.

    Metallurgical Relationships of Porous-Coated ASTM F75 Alloys
    Levine D.

    Comparison of Measurement Methods for Characterization of Porous Coatings
    Hamman G.

    Morphological Characterization of Porous Coatings
    Smith T.

    Biocorrosion Studies of Ultralow-Temperature-Isotropic Carbon-Coated Porous Titanium
    Buchanan R., Griffin C., Rigney E.

    Anodic Polarization of Porous-Coated Vitallium Alloy—Effect of Passivation
    Edwards B., Higham P.

    In Vitro Corrosion of Porous Alloys
    Dale P., Lee J., Lemons J., Lucas L.

    Characterization of the Corrosion Behavior of Porous Biomaterials by A-C Impedance Techniques
    Bundy K., Luedemann R.

    Urinary Excretion Levels of Metal Ions in Patients Undergoing Total Hip Replacement with a Porous-Coated Prosthesis: Preliminary Results
    Braem G., Grant V., Hungerford D., Jones L., Kenna R.

    Biological Significance of Metal Ion Release
    Brown S., Crowe T., Farnsworth L., Merritt K.

    Histological Comparison of Biological Fixation and Bone Modeling with Canine and Human Porous-Coated Hip Prostheses
    Bobyn J., Engh C., Pilliar R.

    Radiographic Criteria for the Clinical Performance of Uncemented Total Joint Replacements
    Gruen T.

    Histomorphometric Analysis of Bone Ingrowth into Porous-Coated Dental Implants
    Keller J., Young F.

    Clinical Indicators of Dental Implant Performance
    Montes G., Young F.

    Fundamental Aspects of Load Transfer and Load Sharing
    JB K.

    Strain Analysis of the Proximal Femur After Total Hip Replacement
    Hungerford D., Jones L., Wuh H.

    Effect of Press Fit on Lateral Stem Stresses and the Integrity of Porous-Coated Femoral Prostheses: An In Vitro Strain Gage Study
    Bushelow M., Davidson J., DeMane M., Gavens A.

    A Biomechanical and Histological Examination of Different Surface Treatments of Titanium Implants for Total Joint Replacement
    Albright J., Keating M., Misra R., Saha S.

    Quantitation of Bone Ingrowth into Porous Implants Submitted to Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields
    Christel P., Dallant P., Guillemin G., Meunier A., Sedel L.

    Flexible Porous Titanium for Revision Surgery: Concept and Initial Data
    Cuckler J., Ducheyne P.

    Porous Polysulfone-Coated Femoral Stems
    Beals N., DeMane M., Georgette F., McDowell D., Spector M.

    Biomechanical and Morphometric Testing Methods for Porous and Surface-Reactive Biomaterials
    Gross U., Roggendorf W., Schmitz H., Strunz V.

    A Method for Quantitative Characterization of Porous Biomaterials Using Automated Image Analysis
    Edwards R., Shors E., White E.

    Comparison of Porous and Nonporous hydroxyapatite and Anorganic Xenografts in the Restoration of Alveolar Ridges
    Boyne P.

    Grafts of HTR Polymer Versus Kiel Bone in Experimental Long Bone Defects in Rats
    Ashman A., Binderman I., Fine N., Goldstein M., Horowitz I., Shteyer A., Taicher S.

    Development of Tricalcium Phosphate Ceramic Cements
    Bajpai P., Fuchs C., McCullum D.

    Resorbable Porous Aluminum-Calcium-Phosphorus Oxide (ALCAP) Ceramics
    Bajpai P., Graves G., Mattie D., McFall F.

    Studies on a Porous Alumina Dental Implant Reinforced with Single-Crystal Alumina: Animal Experiments and Human Clinical Applications
    Kawahara H., Kotera S., Yamagami A.

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    Committee: F04

    DOI: 10.1520/STP953-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5015-7

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0965-0

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