The Pressuremeter and its Marine Applications: Second International Symposium

    Briaud J-L, Audibert JME
    Published: 1985

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    This volume includes 26 papers on a range of topics relevant to the pressuremeter and its marine applications. The papers are divided into five sections: pressuremeter testing; theory and the pressuremeter; soil properties from pressuremeter data; and pressure-meter and laterally loaded piles.

    Table of Contents

    Audibert J., Briaud J.

    Use of PAM and Pressuremeters in Offshore Foundation Design
    Brucy F., LeTirant P.

    The Push-in Pressuremeter: 5 Years Offshore Experience
    Fyffe S., Reid W., Summers J.

    The Development of a Full Displacement Pressuremeter
    Dalton C., Schaap L., Withers N.

    Self-Boring Pressuremeter in Po River Sand
    Bruzzi D., Ghionna V., Jamiolkowski M., Lancellotta R., Manfredini G.

    The Calibration and Use of a High Capacity Pressuremeter to Determine Rock Stiffness
    Bacciarelli R.

    Field Evaluation of French Self-Boring Pressuremeter Paf 76 in a Soft Deltaic Louisiana Clay
    Canou J., Tumay M.

    Numerical Analysis of Pressuremeter Tests by the Finite Element Method
    Lassoudière F., Zanier F.

    Principal Stresses Derived from Self-Boring Pressuremeter Tests in Soft Clay
    Benoit J., Clough G.

    Effective Stress Analysis of Soil Response in a Pressuremeter Test
    Beech J., Juran I.

    A Theoretical Study of Pore Pressure Generation and Dissipation Around the Pressuremeter
    Baguelin F., Frank R., Nahra R.

    Relating Undrained Triaxial and Pressuremeter Stress-Strain Characteristics by Using Multi-Yield Surface Model Parameters
    Kauschinger J.

    Interpretation of Pressuremeter Tests Using Laboratory Simulated Tests
    Gangopadhyay C., Nasr A.

    Expansion of a Cylindrical Cavity in a Very Deformable Medium: A Theoretical Study
    Degenne P., Ladanyi B., Soulié M.

    Analysis of the Unloading of a Pressuremeter in Sand
    Clarke B., Houlsby G., Wroth C.

    Conventional Parameters from Pressuremeter Test Data: Review of Existing Methods
    Briaud J., Felio G.

    Determination of Properties of Sand from Self-Boring Pressuremeter Tests
    Hughes J., Robertson P.

    Pressuremeter Standard and Pressuremeter Parameters
    Briaud J., Makarim C., Tucker L.

    Undrained Strength and Deformation Parameters from Pressuremeter Test Results
    Anderson W., Pyrah I.

    Correlations of LLT Pressuremeter, Vane, and Dutch Cone Tests in Bangkok Marine Clay, Thailand
    Bergado D., Khaleque M.

    Proposed Method for Application of Pressuremeter Test Results to Designing of Offshore Foundations
    Bécue J., Brucy F., Le Tirant P.

    Pressuremeter and Deep Foundation Design
    Briaud J.

    Settlement Prediction Using the Pressuremeter
    Lukas R.

    Analysis and Verification of Louisiana Pile Foundation Design Based on Pressuremeter Results
    Bodine D., Davidson R.

    Design of Laterally Loaded Piles Using the Pressuremeter
    Brown P., Campanella R., Hughes J., McKeown S., Robertson P.

    Application of Pressuremeter Testing to Assess Lateral Pile Response in Clays
    Griffiths D., Kay S., Kolk H.

    Side Friction Mobilization Rates for Laterally Loaded Piles from the Pressuremeter
    Slyh R., Smith T.

    Author Index

    Subject Index

    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP950-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4957-1

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0454-9

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