Low Cycle Fatigue

    Solomon HD, Halford GR, Kaisand LR, Leis BN
    Published: 1988

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    The symposium on Low Cycle Fatigue: Directions for the Future was held in Bolton Landing (on Lake George), New York, 30 September to 4 October 1985. It was sponsored by ASTM Committee E09 on Fatigue, with support from the Hudson-Mohawk Chapter of AIME and the Eastern New York Chapter of ASM. The symposium was organized by Harvey D. Solomon (chairman), Brian Leis, Gary Halford, and Leonard Kaisand.

    Table of Contents

    Halford G., Kaisand L., Leis B., Solomon H.







    Some Perspectives on Future Directions in Low Cycle Fatigue
    Coffin L.

    Future Directions for Low Cycle Fatigue
    Manson S.

    Effect of Elevated Temperatures on the Low Cycle Fatigue of 2.25Cr-1Mo Steel—Part I: Constant Amplitude Straining
    Helešic J., Klesnil M., Polák J.

    Effects of Testing Method on Cyclic Hardening Behavior in Face-Centered-Cubic Alloys
    Knott J., Pickard A.

    Fracture of Pearlite under Conditions of High Deformation Fatigue
    Crespi J., Schwartz M.

    Low Cycle Fatigue of Some Aluminum Alloys
    Abel A., Chung Y.

    Cyclic Stress-Strain-Time Response of a 9Cr-1Mo-V-Nb Pressure Vessel Steel at High Temperature
    Swindeman R.

    Viscoplasticity Based on Overstress Applied to Creep-Fatigue Interaction
    Krempl E., Lu H., Satoh M., Yao D.

    A Nonlinear History-Dependent Damage Model for Low Cycle Fatigue
    Leis B.

    Very Low Cycle Fatigue Life Influenced by Tensile or Compressive Prestrain
    Iida K.

    Effects of Compression and Compressive Overloads on the Fatigue Behavior of a 2024-T351 Aluminum Alloy and a SAE 1045 Steel
    DuQuesnay D., Pompetzki M., Topper T., Yu M.

    Deformation and Fatigue Damage in 1070 Steel under Thermal Loading
    Karasek M., Sehitoglu H., Slavik D.

    Application of Small Specimen Crack Growth Data to Engineering Components at High Temperature: A Review
    Skelton R.

    Life of Crack Initiation, Propagation, and Final Fracture under High-Temperature Creep, Fatigue, and Creep-Fatigue Multiplication Conditions
    Kuriyama T., Yokobori A., Yokobori T.

    Growth of Small Cracks and an Evaluation of Low Cycle Fatigue Life
    Fujimitsu T., Hatanaka K.

    Prediction of Crack Growth Under Creep-Fatigue Loading Conditions
    Nikbin K., Webster G.

    Fatigue Crack Propagation of Nickel-Base Superalloys at 650°C
    Gabb T., Gayda J., Miner R.

    A Model for Predicting Low Cycle Fatigue Life under Creep-Fatigue Interaction
    Ilschner B., Nam S., Rie K., Schmidt R.

    An Update of the Total-Strain Version of Strainrange Partitioning
    Halford G., Saltsman J.

    Low-Frequency, High-Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue of 60Sn-40Pb Solder
    Solomon H.

    Creep-Fatigue Behavior of Ni-Co-Cr-Al-Y Coated PWA 1480 Superalloy Single Crystals
    Gayda J., Hebsur M., Miner R.

    High-Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior and Lifetime Prediction of a Nickel-Base ODS Alloy
    Nazmy M.

    Comparison of Creep-Fatigue Life Prediction by Life Fraction Rule and Strainrange Partitioning Methods
    Igari T., Setoguchi K., Yamanouchi H., Yamauchi M.

    Creep and Creep-Fatigue Intergranular Damage in Austenitic Stainless Steels: Discussion of the Creep-Dominated Regime
    Grattier J., Levaillant C., Mottot M., Pineau A.

    Influence of Temperature and Environment on the Fatigue Mechanisms of Single-Crystal and Polycrystal 316L
    Amzallag C., Belrami C., Driver J., Gorlier C., Violan P.

    A Model for Life Predictions of Nickel-Base Superalloys in High-Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue
    Antolovich S., Pelloux R., Romanoski G.

    Elevated Temperature Fatigue-Creep Behavior of Nickel-Base Superalloy IN 625
    Biron A., Bui-Quoc T., Gomuc R., Masounave J., Nguyen H.

    Application of the Overstress Concept for Creep-Fatigue Evaluation
    Asada Y., Asayama T., Ishikawa A., Morishita M., Taguchi K.

    An Integrated Approach to Creep-Fatigue Life Prediction
    Agatonovic P., Heidenreich R.

    Mapping of Low Cycle Fatigue Mechanisms at Elevated Temperatures for an Austenitic Stainless Steel
    Kanazawa K., Nishijima S., Yamaguchi K.

    A Maximum Stress Modified Life Equation on the Basis of a Fatigue-Creep Interaction Map
    Chen G., Gao L., He Q., Zhang S.

    Effect of Nitrogen on Creep-Fatigue Interaction in Austenitic Stainless Steels at 600°C
    Nilsson J.

    Oxidation-Fatigue Interactions in a Single-Crystal Superalloy
    Wright P.

    Elevated-Temperature Low Cycle and Thermomechanical Fatigue Properties of AISI H13 Hot-Work Tool Steel
    Engberg G., Larsson L.

    Fatigue of Solder Joints in Surface Mount Devices
    Fox L., Shine M.

    A Micromechanics Model of the Initiation of Grain-Boundary Crack in High-Temperature Fatigue
    Iizuka H., Tanaka M.

    Bithermal Fatigue: A Link Between Isothermal and Thermomechanical Fatigue
    Bill R., Fanti P., Halford G., McGaw M.

    Thermal-Mechanical Cyclic Stress-Strain Responses of Cast B-1900+Hf
    L'Espérance G., Marchand N., Pelloux R.

    Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior of a Superalloy
    Malpertu J., Rémy L.

    Thermal Fatigue Testing of Coated Monocrystalline Superalloys
    Conners M., Holmes J., McClintock F., O'Hara K.

    Thermal Mechanical Fatigue of Cast René 80
    Cook T., Kim K., McKnight R.

    Influence of Material Microstructure on Low Cycle Fatigue Failure, with Particular Reference to Austenitic Steel
    Wareing J.

    Effect of Temperature, Microstructure, and Stress State on the Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Waspaloy
    Antolovich S., Mirdamadi M., Stahl D., Zamrik S.

    Microstructural Aspects of Crack Initiation and Propagation in Extremely Low Cycle Fatigue
    Abe T., Kunio T., Ohtani N., Shimizu M.

    Low Cycle Fatigue of Al-Mg-Si Alloys
    Detert K., Scheffel R.

    Low Cycle Fatigue of Strain Aging Ferrous Alloys
    Blackie A., Guiu F., Pickard S.

    Influence of Nitrogen Solutes and Precipitates on Low Cycle Fatigue of 316L Stainless Steels
    G D., J F., S D.

    A New Approach to Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of a Duplex Stainless Steel Based on the Deformation Mechanisms of the Individual Phases
    JM L., L C., T M.

    Effect of HIP on Elevated-Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue Properties of an Equiaxed Cast Superalloy
    DL A., LH F.

    Effect of Microstructures on Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior in a TC6 (Ti-6AI-2.5Mo-2Cr-0.5Fe-0.3Si) Titanium Alloy
    CH T., MG Y., SQ Z.

    Quantification of Slip Lines in Fatigue
    WG F.

    Engineering Significance of Recent Multiaxial Research
    GE L.

    Damage Development During Multiaxial Fatigue of Unnotched and Notched Specimens
    CT H., DF S., JW F., NJ H.

    Observations of Cracking Behavior in Tension and Torsion Low Cycle Fatigue
    DF S., JA B.

    Effect of Elevated Temperatures on the Low Cycle Fatigue of 2.25Cr-1Mo Steel—Part II: Variable Amplitude Straining
    A V., J P., M K.

    Effect of Superimposed Stresses at High Frequency on Low Cycle Fatigue
    J-M R., J-Y G.

    Influence of High Frequency Vibrations on the Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of a Superalloy at Elevated Temperature
    D S., J O., M Y., Z W.

    Fatigue Life and Short Crack Propagation of Turbine Rotor Steels under Variable Strain Loading
    H T., S O., T M.

    Some Contributions to the Further Development of Low Cycle Fatigue Life Analysis Concepts for Notched Components under Variable Amplitude Loading
    H N., H P., J F., T S., W O.

    The Improved Neuber's Rule and Low Cycle Fatigue Life Estimation
    Y-S W.

    Relations Between the Strain Energy Density Distribution and Elastic-Plastic Stress-Strain Fields Near Cracks and Notches and Fatigue Life Calculation
    G G.

    Correlation Between Strain Singularity at Crack Tip under Overall Plastic Deformation and the Exponent of the Coffin-Manson Law
    Y M.

    Notch Effect on Low Cycle Fatigue in Creep-Fatigue at High Temperatures: Experiment and Finite Element Method Analysis
    M K., M O., M S., T S., Y A.

    Evaluation of Low Cycle Creep-Fatigue Degradation for Notched Components
    RA T., SN S.

    Evaluation of Life Prediction Methods in High Temperature Fatigue
    F R., L R., R D., W H.

    Strain Energy Partitioning Approach and Its Application to Low Cycle Fatigue Life Prediction for Some Heat-Resistant Alloys
    J H., Y N., Z D.

    Fatigue Life Estimations for Cast Steels Using Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior
    RI S., SG L.

    High-Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue Crack Propagation and Life Laws of Smooth Specimens Derived from the Crack Propagation Laws
    A N., K K., R O., T K.

    Reconsideration of Macroscopic Low Cycle Fatigue Laws Through Observation of Microscopic Fatigue Process on a Medium Carbon Steel
    S H., T E., Y F., Y M.

    Grain Boundary Oxidation and an Analysis of the Effects of Oxidation on Fatigue Crack Nucleation Life
    HW L., Y O.

    Computer-Based Prediction of Cyclic Deformation and Fatigue Behavior
    A C., TH T., TR O.

    Low Cycle Fatigue Characterization of a HP-IP Steam Turbine Rotor
    C F., S R., V B.

    Author Index

    Subject Index

    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP942-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5035-5

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0944-5

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