Thermal Insulation: Materials and Systems

    Powell FJ, Matthews SL
    Published: 1987

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    STP 922 is intended to cover both industrial and residential types of thermal insulation. This collection of 47 papers imparts technical information on:
    • Controlling Fuel Costs
    • Industrial Applications
    • Thermal Performance
    • Thermo graphic Measurements
    • Materials
    • Hot Boxes
    • Moisture
    • Roofs
    • Industrial Applications
    • Materials
    • Walls and Windows
    • Air and Moisture
    • Research and Reports.

    Table of Contents

    Matthews S., Powell F.

    Thermal Envelope Case History for a School District
    Coyle W.

    Utilization of Energy Code Compliance Procedures for the Prediction of Commercial Building Annual Fuel Consumption
    Worbs H.

    Recommendations for the Development of a Residential Energy Standard
    Barney G., Cardenas T., Johnson A., McBride M., Wilcox B.

    Design Criteria for Underground Insulated Piping Systems
    Demetroulis N., Govan F.

    A Method for Measuring Heat Loss from Underground Heat Distribution Systems
    Ellis W., Fang J., Kusuda T.

    Foamed-in-Place Polyurethane Foam Insulation System Design and Application for Low-Temperature Storage Tanks
    Duff M.

    Prevention of Common Pitfalls Through Engineered Specifications and On-Site Review
    Wartan W.

    In Situ Measurement of Wall Thermal Performance: Data Interpretation and Apparatus Design Recommendations
    de Vinuesa S., Modera M., Sherman M.

    Field Measurement of the Thermal Resistance of Office Buildings
    Fang J., Grot R.

    Air Movements and the Thermal Performance of the Building Envelope
    Bankvall C.

    Design Heat Loss Factors for Basement and Slab Floors
    Bean J., Kusuda T.

    Thermal Efficiency of Counterflow Insulation Systems: Possible Applications
    Arquis E., Langlais C.

    Infrared Inspection Techniques for Assessing the Exterior Envelopes of Office Buildings
    Chang Y., Galowin L., Grot R.

    Thermographic Inspection of the Installation Quality of Retrofitted Wall Insulation
    Ball T., Tsongas G.

    Measured Insulation Improvement Potential for Ten U.S. Army Buildings
    Flanders S.

    Formaldehyde Emissions from Selected Fibrous Glass Insulation Products
    Matthews T., Westley R.

    The Thermal Properties of Wood—Data Base
    Bible G., Cardenas T.

    Heat Transfer Through a Still Air Layer
    Jaouen J., Klarsfeld S.

    A Detailed Verification Procedure for a Guarded Hot Box
    Guy A., Nixon J.

    Experiences in Identification of Thermal Bridging and Elimination of the Thermal Short
    Carre J., Infante L., McCaa D., Pentz E.

    Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Masonry Cavity Wall
    Van Geem M.

    Design Considerations on Guarded and Calibrated Hot Box Apparatus
    De Ponte F.

    Effects of Moisture on the Thermal Performance of Spray-Applied Insulation Systems
    Benner S., Larson D., Modi D.

    Field Study on Moisture Problems in Exterior Walls of a Masonry Housing Development on the Coast of the Gulf of Mexico
    Achenbach P., Conklin S., Trechsel H.

    Thermal Resistance of a Wet Mineral Fiber Insulation
    Sandberg P.

    Condensation Potential in Wood-Frame Walls
    Sherwood G.

    Wetting of Polystyrene and Urethane Roof Insulations in the Laboratory and on a Protected Membrane Roof
    Greatorex A., Tobiasson W., Van Pelt D.

    Risk of Blistering of Built-Up Roofing Membranes Applied to Polyurethane Foam Insulation
    Mathey R., Rossiter W.

    An Apparatus for Thermal Performance Measurements of Insulated Roof Systems
    Childs K., Childs P., Courville G., Griggs E., Walukas D.

    Anomalous Behavior of Water Vapor Retarders Applied to Spray-Applied Polyurethane Foam Insulation on Low-Temperature Outdoor Storage Tanks
    Batdorf V.

    Material Degradation of Thermal Insulating Mineral Fibers
    Low N.

    Thickness and Density of Loose-Fill Insulations After Installation in Residential Attics
    Graves R., McElroy D., Yarbrough D.

    Thermal Testing of Reflective Insulations
    Hollingsworth M.

    Development of Experimental Data on Cellular Plastic Insulations Under Simulated Winter Exposure Conditions
    Baker C., Tye R.

    Effect of Wall Mass on the Annual Heating and Cooling Loads of Single-Family Residences for Five Selected Climates
    Burch D., Cavanaugh K., Licitra B., Walton G.

    A Calorimeter for Determining Heat Transmission Characteristics of Windows
    Bowen R., Solvason K.

    Thermal Resistances of Various Concrete Masonry Wall Constructions Incorporating Rigid Plastic Foam Insulation
    Strzepek W.

    Performance of a Group of Well-Insulated Solar Houses in the United Kingdom
    Alderson J., Guy A., Justin B., Shaw G.

    Case Histories of Moisture Monitoring in Residential Walls
    Kane R., Titley G.

    A Method to Predict the Hour-by-Hour Humidity Ratio of Attic Air
    Cleary P., Sonderegger R.

    Measurement of Air Leakage Properties of Common Residential Insulating Materials
    Dutt G., Harrje D., Jacobson D.

    Historical Development of Large Heat Flow Meter Apparatus for Measurements of Thermal Resistance of Insulations
    Coumou K., Desjarlais A., Haines D., Tye R.

    Thermal Conductivity of Insulants at High Temperature: Reference Materials and Standards
    Boulant J., Klarsfeld S., Langlais C.

    Thermal Performance of the Building Envelope as Influenced by Workmanship
    Bankvall C.

    Final Report on ASTM Committee C-8 Thermal Conductivity Ceramic Fiber Round Robin
    Ober D.

    Human Protection from Burns by Heated Surfaces—The Problem and Solution
    Mumaw J.

    Building Component Test Development Using Module Simulators
    Roberts C.

    Thermal Performance of Metal Furred/Foam Board Insulated Wall Systems
    Berry J., Miller R., Sherman M.

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    Committee: C16

    DOI: 10.1520/STP922-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4998-4

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0493-8

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