Laser Induced Damage In Optical Materials: 1983

    Bennett HE, Guenther AH, Milam D, Newnam BE
    Published: 1985

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    Provides information about optical materials for high power lasers. Highlights include surface characterization, thin film-substrate boundaries, and advances in fundamental laser-matter threshold interactions and mechanisms. Discussions in detail the scaling of damage thresholds with pulse duration, focal area, and wavelength.

    Table of Contents

    Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials Fifteenth ASTM Symposium November 14–16, 1983

    Studies of Optical and Mechanical Properties of Heavy-Metal Fluoride Glasses
    Bendow B., Bennett H., Burge D., Johnston L., Mecholsky J.

    Optical Properties of Infrared Transmitting Glasses
    Mitra S.

    Optical and Mechanical Properties of Water Clear ZnS
    Dempsey D., Gangl M., Graves G., Greason P., Harris R., Lefebvre M., O'Quinn D.

    Laser Damage in Plastics at the Frank J. Seiler Research Laboratory (FJSRL)
    Deaton T., McNally J., O'Connell R., Saito T., Shaffer A., Siegenthaler K.

    Increase in the Optical Damage Threshold of Cellulose Acetate
    Acharekar M.

    Strehl Ratio Measurements of Laser Damaged Plastics
    Mullins B., Richert B.

    Damage Thresholds of Fused Silica, Plastics and KDP Crystals Measured with 0.6-ns 355-nm Pulses
    Rainer F., Staggs M.

    Strengthening CsI Crystals for Optical Applications
    Durand W., Gerberich W., Koepke B.

    Strengthening of Calcium Fluoride
    Graves G., Knecht W., Spears M., Willingham C.

    Investigation of Window Materials for Repetitively Pulsed CO2 Lasers
    Goela J., Lefebvre M., Price P., Smith M., Taylor R.

    Laser Induced Bulk Damage in SiO2 at 1.064, 0.532 and 0.355 μm
    Bass M., Koumvakalis N., Merkle L.

    Bulk Absorption Measurements Using Prism-Shaped Samples for Laser Calorimetry
    Arndt D., Temple P.

    Inherent Mechanical Damage in Diamond Machined Optical Surfaces
    Decker D., Hurt H.

    Optical Properties of Diamond-Machined Metal Surfaces and Their Relationship to Physical and Chemical Surface Perfection
    Decker D., Grandjean D., Hurt H., Porteus J.

    The Effect of Surface Finish on the Laser-induced Damage Thresholds of Gold-coated Copper Mirrors
    Sharma S., Waite P., Wood R.

    Thermally Induced Effects on the Infrared Reflectance of Metal Mirrors
    Decker D., Hodgkin V., Hurt H.

    Single-shot, Cummulative and PRF Dependent Laser Induced Damage Thresholds
    Sharma S., Waite P., Wood R.

    Damage Threshold of Fused Silica at 3ωo
    Friart D., Mengue J.

    Round-Robin Testing of Low-Scatter Optics
    Bennett J., Stowell W.

    Light Scattering Characteristics of Some Metal Surfaces—A Smoothing Effect?
    Casstevens J., Herrmann W., McNeil J., Stover J., Wei L.

    Light Scattering from Surfaces with Microroughness and Static Density Variations in the Bulk Dielectric Permittivity
    Elson J.

    Surface Finish Measurements on Low-Scatter Laser Mirrors and Roughness Standards
    Bennett J., Guenther K., Wierer P.

    The Effects of Slope Error on the Imaging Quality of a Mirror as the Ratio of Surface Perturbation Depth to Wavelength Approaches Zero
    Bennett H., Burge D.

    1.06 Micron Laser Damage of Thin Film Optical Coatings — a Round Robin Experiment Involving Various Pulse Lengths and Beam Diameters
    Balmer J., Bettis J., Casparis E., Ebert J., Eichner M., Guenther A., Guenther K., Humpherys T., Kiesel E., Kuehnel R., Milam D., Ryseck W., Seitel S., Stewart A., Weber H., Wirtenson G., Wood R.

    Measurements of the Dependence of Damage Thresholds on Laser Wavelength, Pulse Duration and Film Thickness
    Carniglia C., Hart T., Milam D., Rainer F., Vercimak C.

    A Fundamental Approach Towards Improved Optical Coatings
    Lewis K., Savage J.

    Development of RF-Sputtered Laser Coatings at Burleigh Northwest
    Lunt D.

    Comparison of Optical Coatings Deposited by Novel Physical and Chemical Techniques
    Harker A., Strauss D., Wodarczyk F.

    Optical Characterization of Low-Scatter, Plasma-Deposited Thin Films
    Bennett J., Choyke W., Partlow W., Silva R.

    Optical Properties of Ion-Beam Sputtered TiO2 Films
    Demiryont H., Kerwin D., Sites J.

    Improvement of the Damage Threshold of High Reflectivity Multidielectric Coatings 1.06 μM
    Boisgard D., Friart D., Garaude F., Geenen B., Guerain J., Malherbes A.

    Phase Shift Variations on HEL Mirrors
    Leonard T., Loomis J.

    A Review of UV Coating Material Properties
    Scott M.

    Recent Damage Results for Antireflection Coatings at 355 nm
    Carniglia C., Hart T., Rainer F., Staggs M.

    Recent Damage Results on High Reflector Coatings at 355 nm
    Carniglia C., Hart T., Rainer F., Staggs M.

    Alumina/Silica Multilayer Coatings for Excimer Lasers
    Foltyn S., Jolin L.

    Photothermal Deflection Microscopy of HR and AR Coatings
    Ermshar J., Hanson P., Hughes R., Mundy W.

    Laser Damage in Porous-Silica Antireflection Films
    Brown N., Gunderson C., Lowdermilk W., Milam D., Rainer F., Staggs M., Wilder J.

    Defect Damage Precursors in Visible-Wavelength Mirrors
    Marrs C., Palmer J., Porteus J.

    Characterization of Micron-Sized, Optical Coating Defects by Photothermal Deflection Microscopy
    Abate J., Guardalben M., Jacobs S., Schmid A., Smith D.

    Experimental Observation and Computer Simulation of the Microstructure of Vapor Deposited Thin Films
    Guenther K.

    A Wide Spectrum Antireflective Coating for Silica Optics and its Damage Resistance at 350 nm
    Partlow D., Smith H., Yoldas B.

    Plasma Deposited Inorganic Thin Films for Optical Applications
    Heberlein J., Partlow W.

    Laser-Induced Emission and Laser Damage of Optical Components
    Bailey M., Hall R., Morris D., Nichols D.

    Charge Emission and Related Precursor Events Associated with Laser Damage
    Becker M., Domann F., Guenther A., Stewart A.

    Predamage Threshold Electron Emission from Insulator and Semiconductor Surfaces
    Kinney J., Milam D., Siekhaus W.

    Laser Induced Damage of a Thin Film With an Absorbing Inclusion: Thermal Considerations of Substrates and Absorption Profiles
    Guenther A., Lange M., McIver J.

    Laser Damage Threshold Predictions Based on the Effects of Thermal and Optical Properties Employing a Spherical Impurity Model
    Guenther A., Lange M., McIver J.

    “Analytical Model for Evaluating Transient, Steady-State, Coating Damage Threshold, Optical Distortion, and Axial Gradient for Externally Cooled Laser Mirrors.”
    Palmer J.

    “A Comprehensive Analytical Theory for Unifying Pulsed and Continuous Wave Laser Damage on Metal Mirrors, Encompassing the Relationship of Small Spot to Large Spot Size Damage on Metal Mirrors.”
    Palmer J.

    Catastrophic versus Microscopic Damage: Applicability of Laboratory Measurements to Real Systems
    Foltyn S., Jolin L.

    Toward Improved Accuracy in Limited-Scale Pulsed Laser Damage Testing Via the “Onset Method”
    Porteus J., Seitel S.

    The Effects of Self-Focusing on Laser-Induced Breakdown
    Soileau M., Van Stryland E., Williams W.

    Simple Direct Measurements of n2
    Soileau M., Van Stryland E., Williams W.

    Refractive Index of Ternary and Quaternary Compound Semiconductors Below the Funadmental Absorption Edge: Linear and Nonlinear Effects
    Jensen B., Torabi A.


    Committee: F01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP911-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4956-4

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0930-8

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