Corrosion Monitoring in Industrial Plants Using Nondestructive Testing and Electrochemical Methods

    Moran GC, Labine P
    Published: 1986

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    Topics covered include polarization resistance, stress corrosion cracking, localized corrosion, polarization diagrams, hydrogen probes, AC impedance, and occluded cell corrosion.

    Table of Contents

    Labine P., Moran G.

    Summary of Nondestructive Testing
    Moran G.

    Summary of Electrochemical Methods
    Labine P.

    Neutron Radiographic Detection of Corrosion
    Berger H.

    Advanced Ultrasonic Examination Methods for Corrosion Detection and Assessment in Industrial Components
    Lamping G., Meredith W.

    Acoustic Emission Capabilities and Applications in Monitoring Corrosion
    Pollock A.

    Fundamental Aspects of Acoustic Emission Applications to the Problems Caused by Corrosion
    Yuyama S.

    Monitoring Stress-Corrosion Cracking by Acoustic Emission
    Baïlon J., Dickson J., Martin P.

    Nondestructive Inspection with Portable Ultrasonic Imaging System
    Grills R., Tsao M.

    An Automated Ultrasonic Data Acquisition and Evaluation System
    McGarvey T., Murray J., Roller D.

    Detection of Intergranular Stress-Corrosion Cracking Using Automated Ultrasonic Techniques
    Beller L., Holm J., Liu S., Mikesell C.

    An Eddy Current Technique to Estimate Dimensions of Crevice Corrosion Pits
    Baron J., Dolbey M., Leemans D.

    Development of a Sensor for Real-Time Detection of In-plant Crevice Contaminants
    Carmichael N., Hugg S., Leverant G.

    Ultrasonic Velocity Ratio Method for Detecting and Evaluating Hydrogen Attack in Steels
    Hasegawa Y., Kato K., Watanabe T.

    Detection of Hydrogen-Assisted Crack Growth by Measurement of Modulus Changes and Acoustic Emission
    Armstrong J., Carpenter S., Heiple C.

    Corrosion Monitoring of Underwater Steel Structures
    Birring A.

    Overview of Corrosion Monitoring in Modern Industrial Plants
    Dean S.

    A New Electrochemical Hydrogen Probe
    Tsubakino H., Yamakawa K., Yoshizawa S.

    Sensing Probes and Instruments for Electrochemical and Electrical Resistance Corrosion Monitoring
    Cooper G.

    Oil Production Corrosion Inhibitor Optimization by Laboratory and Field Application of Electrochemical Techniques
    Cameron G., Coker L.

    Electrochemical Techniques for Monitoring Corrosion Rates in Simulated Kraft White Liquors
    Yeske R.

    Trouble-Shooting Industrial Corrosion Problems with Electrochemical Testing Techniques
    Liening E.

    Techniques for the Evaluation of Cooling Water Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors in the Laboratory and at the Industrial Plant Site
    King D., Labine P., Minalga J., Norman W.

    On-Line Monitoring of the True Corrosion Rate in Problems Related to Power Plants
    Rizzi R., Ronchetti C.

    Waterside Corrosion Control During Operation of Drum-Type Utility Boilers
    Gabrielli F., Mohn N.

    Corrosion Rate of Cast Iron and Copper Pipe by Drinkable Water
    Brière F., Desjardins R., Ismael M., Piron D.

    Computer-Controlled AC Impedance Measurements for the Determination of Water Penetration of Anticorrosion Coatings
    Kellner J.

    Dependence of Stress Corrosion Cracking of Parent, Heat-Affected Zone, and Weld Metal of HSLA Line-Pipe Steel on Potential
    Bowker J., Hoey G., Ramsingh R.

    Corrosion of Carbon Steel in Concentrated Naoh Solutions: Influence of LIOH Additions
    Belletête M., Hechler J., Vijayan C.

    A Review of Microbiological and Electrochemical Techniques in the Study of Corrosion Induced by Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria
    Cragnolino G., Tuovinen O.

    Harmonic Impedance Spectroscopy for the Determination of Corrosion Rates in Cathodically Protected Systems
    McKubre M., Syrett B.

    Electrochemical Noise as an Indicator of Anaerobic Corrosion
    Heverly L., Iverson W.

    Design Considerations for Occluded Cell Corrosion Monitoring
    Krisher A., Silverman D.

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    Committee: E07

    DOI: 10.1520/STP908-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4974-8

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0471-6

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