Consolidation of Soils: Testing and Evaluation

    Yong RN, Townsend FC
    Published: 1986

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    A comprehensive treatment of consolidation testing and evaluation, including infinitesimal and large strain. Paper examine two decades of advances in

    • equipment and instrument capabilities

    • test methodologies and data gathering and control systems,

    • methods for data handling and analysis

    Table of Contents

    Townsend F., Yong R.

    Consolidation Testing and Evaluation: Problems and Issues
    Townsend F., Yong R.

    General Discussion on Consolidation Theory and Testing
    Kabbaj M., Leroueil S.

    State of the Art: Consolidation Testing
    Olson R.

    State of the Art: Evaluation and Interpretation of Soil Consolidation Tests
    Crawford C.

    Report on Laboratory Tests for Consolidation Behavior
    Drnevich V.

    Report on Theory and Laboratory Testing Requirements: Comparisons
    Silvestri V.

    Report on New Experimental Methods and Techniques
    Bloomquist D.

    Report on Consolidation Behavior
    Peters J.

    General Theory of Consolidation for Clays
    Juárez-Badillo E.

    Unsaturated Soil Consolidation Theory and Laboratory Experimental Data
    Fredlund D., Rahardjo H.

    Improved Techniques for the Constant-Rate-of-Strain Consolidation Test
    Armour D., Drnevich V.

    Compressibility and Settlement of Compacted Fills
    Lovell C., Nwabuokei S.

    An Experimental Assessment of the Restricted Flow Consolidation Test
    Baker N., Hoare S., Sills G.

    Desktop Computer Application for Consolidation Testing and Analysis
    Byers J., Kunzer B., von Fay K.

    Constant-Rate-of-Loading (CRL) Consolidation Test
    Cotton C., von Fay K.

    Consolidation in the Intergranular Viscosity of Highly Compressible Soils
    Zeevaert L.

    Oedometric Testing in the Laboratoires des Ponts et Chaussées, France
    Ducasse P., Mieussens C., Moreau M., Soyez B.

    Automatic Continuous Consolidation Testing in Sweden
    Larsson R., Sällfors G.

    Oedometer Testing at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute
    Berre T., Lacasse S., Sandbaekken G.

    Influence of a Critical Gradient on the Consolidation of Clays
    Dubin B., Moulin G.

    Consolidation of Natural Clays and Laboratory Testing
    Kabbaj M., Leroueil S., Oka F., Tavenas F.

    A New Consolidation Testing Procedure and Technique for Very Soft Soils
    Umehara Y., Zen K.

    Controlled-Strain, Controlled-Gradient, and Standard Consolidation Testing of Sensitive Clays
    Gabriel F., Silvestri V., Soulié M., Yong R.

    Conventional Consolidation Tests on Two Soils
    Chakrabarti S., Horvath R.

    A Biaxial Consolidation Test for Anisotropic Soils
    Leavell D., Peters J.

    Side Friction in Consolidation Tests on Fibrous Peat
    Sarsby R., Vickers B.

    Determination of Clay Suspension Concentration Profile in a Settling Column Using the Fall-Drop Technique
    Alammawi S., Sethi A., Sheeran D., Skiadas N.

    Large-Scale Self-Weight Consolidation Testing
    Carrier W., Dusseault M., Scott J.

    Lateral Strain Measurement by an Ultrasonic Method
    Barański T., Wolski W.

    Determination of Coefficient of Consolidation (cv) for Large Strain and Variable cv Values
    Mikasa M., Takada N.

    Determination of Consolidation Parameters by Selfweight Consolidation Test in Centrifuge
    Mikasa M., Takada N.

    Centrifugal Evaluation of a Time-Dependent Numerical Model for Soft Clay Deformations
    Liang R., Mitchell J.

    Centrifuge Consolidation Study for Purposes of Plasticity Theory Validation
    Herrmann L., Kaliakin V., Mish K., Shen C., Sohn J.

    Brittle Behavior of a Varved Clay During Laboratory Consolidation Tests
    Bemben S.

    Consolidation of Sand-Clay Mixtures
    Fukue M., Nakamura T., Okusa S.

    A Comparative Laboratory Evaluation of Band-Shaped Prefabricated Drains
    Guido V., Ludewig N.

    Effectiveness of Prefabricated Drains on Laboratory Consolidation of Remolded Soils
    David Suits L., Gemme R., Masi J.

    A Case History: Settlement of Fill over Soft Ground
    Adachi T., Iwasaki Y., Sakamoto M., Suwa S.

    Consolidation Testing—A Comparative Study
    Bauer G., El-Hakim A.

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    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP892-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4962-5

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0446-4

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