Rapidly Solidified Powder Aluminum Alloys

    Fine ME, Starke EA
    Published: 1986

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    Begins with papers establishing the need for RSP alloy development for use in aerospace and land vehicles. Follows with tutorial papers on solidification theory and stereological characteristics. Concludes with papers on powders, consolidations and processing, and characterization and properties.

    Table of Contents

    Fine M., Starke E.

    The Need for Rapidly Solidified Powder Metallurgy Aluminum Alloys for Aerospace Applications
    Lewis R., Quist W.

    Use of Rapidly Solidified Aluminum Alloys in Land Vehicles
    Waldman J.

    Microstructural Scaling Laws for Dendritically Solidified Aluminum Alloys
    Glicksman M., Singh N.

    Stereological Characterization of Porous Microstructures
    DeHoff R.

    Characterization of Rapidly Solidified Materials
    Garrett R., Sanders T., Sater J.

    Rapid Solidification of Highly Undercooled Aluminum Powders
    Hildeman G., LeBeau S., Mueller B., Perepezko J.

    Al3Li Precipitate Modification in an Al-Li-Zr Alloy
    Gayle F., Vander Sande J.

    Hardening Mechanism in Rapidly Solidified Al-8Fe Alloy
    Dermarkar S.

    A Comparative Evaluation of Aluminum Alloy Powders Used for Fabricating High-Strength Powder Metallurgy Extrusions
    Bohlen J., Chanani G., Kar R.

    Rapid Solidification and Subsequent Analysis of Some Hypereutectic Aluminum-Based Alloys
    Field R., Fraser H., Stanley J., Zindel J.

    Physical Metallurgy and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Alloys Containing Eight to Twelve Weight Percent Iron
    Adam C., Okazaki K., Skinner D.

    Ultralow-Density, High-Modulus, and High-Strength RSP Al-Li-Be Alloys
    Crooks D., Lewis R., Palmer I., Vidoz A., Wadsworth J.

    Microstructure of Supercooled Submicrometre Aluminum-Copper Alloy Powder
    Ridder S., Shechtman D.

    Influence of Hydrogen on the Ductility of 7091 and 7090 PM Aluminum Alloys
    Meunier J.

    Powder Metallurgy Processing of Aluminum Alloy 7091
    Froes F., Griffith W., Kim Y.

    Dynamic Compaction of Rapidly Solidified Aluminum Alloy Powders
    Fraser H., Miller D., Sears J.

    Effects of Alloy Chemistry on Superplastic Forming of Rapid-Solidification-Processed Aluminum-Lithium Alloys
    Lederich R., Meschter P., Sastry S.

    Thermomechanical Treatment of 2124 PM Aluminum Alloys with Low and High Dispersoid Levels
    Barry Lisagor W., Sarkar B.

    Effective Method for Degassing Evaluation of Aluminum PM Alloys
    Adkins J., Griffith W., Kirchoff S., Martorell I.

    Developments in Premium High-Strength Powder Metallurgy Alloys by Kaiser Aluminum
    Ping S.

    Techniques for Assessing the Corrosion Properties of Aluminum Powder Metallurgy Alloys
    Pickens J.

    Development of Dispersion-Strengthened aluminum Alloys
    Griffith W., Hildeman G., Langenbeck S., Simon J.

    Microstructure/Mechanical Property Relationships for Various Thermal Treatments of Al-Cu-Mg-X PM Aluminum Alloys
    Blackburn L.

    Characterization of Al-Fe-Ce Alloys
    Cox J., Langenbeck S., Simenz R.

    Engineering Property Comparisons of PM and IM Aluminum Alloy Forgings
    Schra L., Wanhill R.

    Annealing Behavior and Tensile Properties of Elevated-Temperature PM Aluminum Alloys
    Griffith W., Kim Y.

    Effect of Compositional Variations on the Microstructure and Properties of Rapidly Solidified Al-3Li Alloys
    Lederich R., Meschter P., O'Neal J., Pao P.

    An Evaluation of the Benefits of Utilizing Rapid Solidifcation for Development of 2XXX (Al-Cu-Mg) Alloys
    Chellman D., Paris H.

    Committee: B09

    DOI: 10.1520/STP890-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4961-8

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0442-6

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