Microindentation Techniques in Materials Science and Engineering

    Blau PJ, Lawn BR
    Published: 1985

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    Concisely appraises the understanding and application of microindentation techniques in materials research, mechanical surface property testing, and quality control in metals, ceramics, and polymers. Examines the use of indentation methods in the study of intrinsic deformation properties, residual stress states, thin-film adhesion, and fracture properties.

    Table of Contents

    Blau P., Lawn B.


    Blau P., Lawn B.

    Microindentations in Metals
    Samuels L.

    Indentation of Brittle Materials
    Lawn B., Marshall D.

    Characterization of Submicrometre Surface Layers by Indentation
    Barquins M., Maugis D., Pollock H.

    Vickers Indentation Curves of Elastoplastic Materials
    Georges J., Loubet J., Meille G.

    Measurement of Hardness at Indentation Depths as Low as 20 Nanometres
    Hutchings R., Oliver W., Pethica J.

    Dislocation Aspects of Plastic Flow and Cracking at Indentations in Magnesium Oxide and Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine Explosive Crystals
    Armstrong R., Elban W.

    Indentation Hardness and Its Measurement: Some Cautionary Comments
    Tabor D.

    Use of the Indentation Size Effect on Microhardness for Materials Characterization
    Sargent P.

    Stress and Load Dependence of Microindentation Hardness
    Vitovec F.

    Fabrication and Certification of Electroformed Microhardness Standards
    Johnson C., Kelley D., Lashmore D.

    Use of the Scanning Electron Microscope in Microhardness Testing of High-Hardness Materials
    Westrich R.

    Applicatins of Microindentation Methods in Tribology Research
    Blau P.

    Review of Scratch Test Studies of Abrasion Mechanisms
    Kosel T.

    Microindentation Hardness Measurements on Metal Powder Particles
    Shives T., Smith L.

    Indentation Hardness of Surface-Coated Materials
    Hogmark S., Ingemarsson A., Jönsson B., Vingsbo O.

    Indentation Test for Polymer-Film-Coated Computer Board Substrate
    Derwin M., Engel P.

    Knoop Microhardness Testing of Paint Films
    Walker W.

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    Committee: E04

    DOI: 10.1520/STP889-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4951-9

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0441-9

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