Engine Coolant Testing: Second Symposium

    Beal RE
    Published: 1986

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    This volume responds to the demands of an evolving technology by publishing some of the most current research findings in coolant development work and methods of testing. It covers aluminum radiators and components plus traditional soldered systems. It updates ASTM STP 705 and includes discussion on a proposed standard hot surface test for aluminum engine materials and coolant.

    Table of Contents

    Beal R.


    Beal R.

    Maintaining Scale and Sludge in Suspension in Automotive Cooling Systems
    Engelhardt P., Starkey J.

    The Development and Field Service History of Ford Automotive Aluminum Radiators
    Barkley J., Wiggle R., Winterbottom W.

    A New Cladding Alloy for Coolant-Side Corrosion Protection of Vacuum-Brazed Aluminum Radiators
    AC S.

    A Demonstration of Aluminum Transport Deposition
    JC W., JJ C., LK B.

    Propylene Glycol, A New Base Fluid for Automotive Coolants
    FE M., W J.

    Additive Package for Used Antifreeze
    Conley J., Jamison R.

    Inhibitors and Coolant Corrosivity
    Sullivan F., Vukasovich M.

    Evalution of Engine Coolants by Electrochemical Methods
    Chance R., Rowe L., Walker M.

    Solder Bloom Corrosion Analysis Based on Field Survey Data, Potential Causes, and Resolution
    Park K.

    Dynamic Testing of Soldered Joints in Engine Coolants
    Beal R.

    Testing of Engine Coolant Inhibitors by an Electrochemical Method in the Laboratory and in Vehicles
    Fiaud C., Netter P., Tadjamoli M., Tzinmann M.

    European Test Methods for Automotive Coolants: Experience Gained in Recent Cavitation and Corrosion Tests
    Liebold G., Starke K.

    Test Methods for the Development of Supplemental Additives for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Coolants
    Hercamp R., Hudgens R.

    A Review of Factors Influencing Coolant-Metal Interfaces in Engines
    O'Callaghan T.

    Observations on Aluminum Water Pump Cavitation Tests
    Oakes B.

    U.S. Army Antifreeze after 50 Years
    Jordan C.

    Corrosion Behavior Diagram of Aluminum 319 Alloy in Automotive Coolants
    Weir T.

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    Committee: D15

    DOI: 10.1520/STP887-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4959-5

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0432-7

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