Strength Testing of Marine Sediments: Laboratory and In-Situ Measurements

    Chaney RC, Demars KR
    Published: 1985

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    Provides a unifying state-of-the-art review of marine sediment strength testing. Identifies the types and varieties of in-situ and laboratory strength tests. Determines the environmental handling and preparation factors that affect strength measurements.

    Table of Contents

    Chaney R., Demars K.

    Tabular Summary of Paper Contents

    Chaney R., Demars K.

    In-Situ Determination of the Strength of Marine Soils
    Richards A., Zuidberg H.

    Shear Strength Parameters Obtained from Static Cone Penetration Tests
    Janbu N., Senneset K.

    Cone Penetration Test Results in Offshore California Silts
    Bugno W., McNeilan T.

    Piezocone Penetration Testing in Soft Cohesive Soils
    Acar Y., Tumay M.

    In-Situ Undrained Shear Strengths and Permeabilities Derived from Piezometer Measurements
    Bennett R., Esrig M., Li H., Lipkin J., Valent P.

    Expendable Doppler Penetrometer for Deep Ocean Sediment Measurements
    Beard R.

    A Lightweight 12-m Cone Penetrometer
    Beard R., Johnson B.

    Borehole Shear Tests in a Shallow Marine Environment
    Handy R., Lutenegger A., Schmertmann J.

    Pressure Release Disturbance in Simulated Marine Cores as Indicated by a Laboratory Gamma-Ray Densitometer
    Chace A.

    The Phenomenon of Sample Tube Plugging
    Holt J., Ims B.

    State of the Art: Laboratory Determination of the Strength of Marine Soils
    Lee H.

    Shear Strength Properties of Some Deep-Sea Pelagic Sediments
    Noorany I.

    Rod Shear Tests in Marine Clays
    Amerasinghi S., DeGroff W.

    Multistage Triaxial Testing: A Rational Procedure
    Gulhati S., Nambiar M., Rao G.

    Three-Dimensional Stress Relaxation Behavior of Marine Sediments
    Drumright E., Nelson J.

    Static Behavior of Variably Cemented Beach Sands
    Clough G., Rad N.

    Determination of Effective Stress-Based Shear Strength Parameters from Static and Cyclic Triaxial Tests
    Janbu N., Senneset K., Skotheim A.

    Effects of Sustained Shear Stresses on the Cyclic Degradation of Clay
    Goulois A., Hoeg K., Whitman R.

    Evaluation of Shear Modulus for Soft Marine Clays, Mississippi Delta
    Pamukcu S., Suhayda J.

    Integrated Testing and Properties of a Gulf of Mexico Clay
    Macky T., Saada A.

    Response of Silts to Wave Loads: Experimental Study
    Clukey E., Kulhawy F., Liu P.

    Measurement of Poro-Elastic Properties of Marine Soils
    Edil T., Toha F.

    The Use of the Point Load Index in Weak Carbonate Rocks
    Abbs A.

    Toward a Unified Approach to Soil Property Characterization: In Situ Versus Laboratory
    Chaney R., Demars K., Fang H.

    Laboratory and In-Situ Strength Testing of Marine Soils in Iran and Indonesia
    Attwooll W., Fujioka M., Kittridge J.

    Liquefaction Potential of Sediment in the Northern Bering Sea
    Winters W.

    The Deformation Properties of Warm Permafrost
    Domaschuk L., Kenyon R., Man C., Shields D.

    Some Aspects of the Behavior of Beaufort Sea Clays
    Crooks J., Hughes J., Jefferies M., Ruffell J.

    A Bridge Site Investigation Using SPTs, MPMTs, and DMTs from Barges
    Schmertmann J., Sonnenfeld S., Williams R.

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    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP883-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4947-2

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0431-0

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