Hydraulic Barriers in Soil and Rock

    Johnson AI, Frobel RK, Cavalli NJ, Pettersson CB
    Published: 1985

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    Discusses permeability test methods used to evaluate hydraulic barriers, presents test results, and describes the effects of organic and inorganic permeants on slurry walls and clay and soil-admix liners.

    Table of Contents

    Cavalli N., Frobel R., Johnson A., Pettersson C.






    General Discussion

    Slurry Cutoff Walls: Applications in the Control of Hazardous Wastes
    Ryan C.

    Subsurface Pollution Containment Using a Composite System Vertical Cutoff Barrier
    Arlotta S., Druback G.

    Thin Slurry Cutoff Walls Installed by the Vibrated Beam Method
    Chameau J., Diamond S., Leonards G., Schmednecht F.

    Evaluation of Two Methods for Constructing Vertical Cutoff Walls at Waste Containment Sites
    Jepsen C., Place M.

    Influence of Inorganic Permeants upon the Permeability of Bentonite
    Alther G., Evans J., Fang H., Witmer K.

    Laboratory Testing of Cement-Bentonite Mix for Proposed Plastic Diaphragm Wall for Complexe LaGrande Reservoir Caniapiscau, James Bay, Canada
    Christopher B., Gill S.

    Effects of Various Liquids on Clay Soil: Bentonite Slurry Mixtures
    Anderson D., Crawley W., Zabcik J.

    Fixed-Wall Versus Flexible-Wall Permeameters
    Anderson D., Boynton S., Daniel D.

    The Permeability of Clay to Acidic and Caustic Permeants
    Horst W., Lentz R., Uppot J.

    Permeability Testing on Clayey Soil and Silty Sand-Bentonite Mixture Using Acid Liquor
    Gipson A.

    Procedure and Equipment Factors Affecting Permeability Testing of a Bentonite-Sand Liner Material
    Edil T., Erickson A.

    The Effect of Organic Fluids on Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Kaolinite
    Acar Y., Field S., Hamidon A., Scott L.

    A Laboratory Comparison of the Effects of Water and Waste Leachate on the Performance of Soil Liners
    Eklund A.

    The Effect of Organic Fluids on the Pore Size Distribution of Compacted Kaolinite
    Acar Y., Field S., Olivieri I.

    Effects of Brine on the Soil Lining of an Evaporation Pond
    Jones C.

    Interactions Between Acidic Solutions and Clay Liners: Permeability and Neutralization
    Gee G., Peterson S.

    The Design and Testing of a Compacted Clay Barrier Layer to Limit Percolation Through Landfill Covers
    Bailey B., Mundell J.

    Desiccation Cracking of Soil Barriers
    Kleppe J., Olson R.

    Field Permeability Test for Clay Liners
    Daniel D., Day S.

    Permeability of Fly Ash and Fly Ash-Sand Mixtures
    Berthouex P., Edil T., Vesperman K.

    Soil-Cement Liners
    Adaska W.

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    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP874-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4939-7

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0417-4

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