Quality Assurance for Environmental Measurements

    Taylor JK, Stanley TW
    Published: 1985

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    Discusses data quality assurance, ambient air measurements, ambient water measurements, source measurements, discharge monitoring, and reference materials. Includes a general paper on quality assurance programs and a detailed paper on the U.S. EPA's quality assurance program.

    Table of Contents

    Stanley T., Taylor J.

    Stanley T., Taylor J.

    What is Quality Assurance?
    Taylor J.

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Quality Assurance Program
    Stanley T., Verner S.

    Statistical Aspects of Designs for Studying Sources of Contamination
    Liggett W.

    Determination of Measurement Data Quality and Establishment of Achievable Goals for Environmental Measurements
    McElroy F., Mitchell W., Rhodes R.

    Quality Assurance Project Plans—A Key to Effective Cooperative Monitoring Programs
    Brossman M., Hoogheem T., Splinter R.

    Quality Assurance Aspects of Environmental (Aerometric) Data Management
    Beebe R., Clement D., McDaniel A.

    An Evaluation of Results from Collocated Ambient High-Volume Samplers
    Fritts T., Hanson M.

    Internal Consistency Checks as Part of a Data Validation Process for Chemical Constituents in Ambient Particulate Samples
    Cadle S.

    Certification of Local Laboratories Analyzing Drinking Water in Nonprimacy States
    Hillman J.

    Quality Assurance of U.S. Geological Survey Water-Quality Field Measurements
    Erdmann D., Thomas J.

    An Analytical Method and Quality Control Program for Studies of Currently Used Pesticides in Surface Waters
    Baker D., Kramer J.

    Quality Assurance for Microbiological Analyses of Water
    Bordner R.

    Steps to Valid Particle Size Data from Emissions Sources
    Farthing W., Felix L., McCain J.

    Quality Assurance Practices for the Collaborative Testing of Method 6B
    Butler F., Knoll J., Rodney Midgett M., Wagner T.

    An Industry View of Quality Assurance for Manual Source Sampling
    Brisini V.

    Establishing Destruction Efficiency for Hazardous Waste Incinerators
    Colby B., Picker J.

    Overview of the National Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) Quality Assurance (QA) Program
    Lim E., Polvi G., To Y.

    Quality Assurance as an Element of Wisconsin's NPDES Program
    Kopecky M., Vogen L.

    Development of Statistics and Limits for DMR-QA Studies, and Summary of Experience in DMR-QA Study 2
    Britton P.

    Pulp and Paper Industry Experience with NPDES Quality Assurance Requirements
    Fisher R.

    Monsanto Analytical Testing Program for NPDES Discharge Self-Monitoring
    Hoogheem T., Woods L.

    Discharge Monitoring Report Quality Assurance Results and Follow-Up by Region VIII U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    Campbell C., Hillman J.

    Quality Assurance of Meteorological Measurements
    Lockhart T.

    Quality Assurance Considerations in Conducting the Ames Test
    Williams L.

    Quality Assurance in Acid Precipitation Measurements
    Campbell S., Scott H.

    Quality Assurance for Personal Exposure Monitoring
    Crist H., Handy R., Stanley T.

    Quality Assurance for Human Exposure Studies
    Hackworth L., Howard J., Jordan R., Smith D.

    New Biological Reference Materials—In Vivo Incorporated Toxic Metals in Water Hyacinth Tissues
    Austin J., Beckert W., Simon S., Williams L.

    The Use of Natural Waters as U.S. Geological Survey Reference Samples
    Janzer V.

    The Marine Analytical Chemistry Standards Program of the National Research Council of Canada
    Berman S., Jamieson W., McLaren J.

    The Role of NBS Standard Reference Materials in Quality Assurance of Environmental Measurements
    Alvarez R.

    Reference Materials and Intercomparison Samples Available from the Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory — Las Vegas
    Kantor E., Laska P.

    Development and Distribution of Reference Materials for Ambient Air Measurements
    Mitchell W., Puzak J.

    Reference Samples for Water-Related Programs in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    Winter J.

    Establishing an Environmental Quality Assurance Program
    Eggenberger L.

    Interlaboratory Quality Assurance Aspects of the International Joint Commission's Great Lakes Monitoring Programs
    Aspila K., Clark J., White R.

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    Committee: D19

    DOI: 10.1520/STP867-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4932-8

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0224-8

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